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  1. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 7 Game Thread

    ZZZZZ Week Notable games: All times ET Wednesday October 16 South Alabama @ Troy, 8:00, ESPN2 Thursday October 17 All Sport Championship Bowl, UCLA @ Stanford, 9:00, ESPN Friday October 18 Marshall @ FAU, 6:30, CBSSN Pitt @ Cuse, 7:00, ESPN #4 tOSU @ Northwestern, 8:30, FS1 Saturday October...
  2. Ale Xander

    Who's your Top Ten? 2019 CFB

    1. Bama 2. LSU 3. Clemson 4. tOSU 5. Wisconsin 6. Dirt Burglars (OU) 7. PSU 8. Florida 9. Auburn 10. Oregon
  3. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 7 Game Thread

    Peak week Notable games: Wednesday October 9 App State @ Ragin Cajuns, 8;00, ESPN2 Thursday October 10 Syracuse @ NC State, 8:00, ESPN Friday October 11 #20 VA @ the U, 8:00, ESPN Buffaloes @ #13 Ducks, 10:00, FS1 Saturday October 12 Ale Xander Game of the Afternoon, #6 v. #11, Red River...
  4. Ale Xander

    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night October 10, Giants @ Patriots (FOX/NFLN) Sunday Morning October 13, Panthers @ Bucs, 9:30AM ET (NFLN) Sunday Semi-National Afternoon (non-Rockies, non-Tennessee) October 13, Cowboys @ J-E-T-S, 4:25 PM ET (CBS) Sunday Night October 13, Stillers @ Chargers...
  5. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 6 Game Thread

    Notable games: Thursday, October 3 Temple @ East Carolina, 8:00, ESPN Friday, October 4 #18 UCF @ Cincinnati, 8:00, ESPN Saturday, October 5 #14 Iowa @ #19 Michigan, 12:00, FOX #6 Land Grabbers @ Les is More Jayhawks, 12:00, ABC #21 Oklahoma State @ Tortilla Tech, FS1 Utah State @ #5 LSU...
  6. Ale Xander

    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night October 3, Rams @ Seahawks (FOX/NFLN) Sunday afternoon, October 6, Packers @ Cowboys, 4:25PM ET (FOX) Sunday Night October 6, Colts @ Chiefs, (NBC) Monday Night October 7, Blakes @ Jimmy G's (Browns @ 49ers), (ESPN) Broadcast maps:
  7. Ale Xander

    2019 Sox increasing ticket prices thread

    Paging Gordon Gecko to the courtesy booth, Red Sox to "very modestly" raise ticket prices in 2020, shortly before payroll cuts take place. (Scroll down)
  8. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 5 Game Thread

    Traditional start of the Conference season, here we go. Lame slate though. Notable games: Thursday September 26 Navy @ Memphis, 8:00, ESPN Friday September 27 Duke @ VA Tech, 7:00, ESPN Why do these Programs Still Exist Bowl, #12 Penn State @ Maryland, 8:00, FS1 Hambone-Pedroias (Arizona...
  9. Ale Xander

    Week 4 Game Thread

    NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night September 26, Eagles @ Packers (FOX/NFLN) Semi-National Sunday September 29, 4:25PM ET, Vikings @ Bears (CBS) Rosh Hashanah Night 1, Sunday Night September 29, Cowboys @ Saints (NBC) Rosh Hashanah Night 2, Monday Night September 30, Bengals @ Stillers (ESPN)...
  10. Ale Xander

    Week 3 Game Thread

    NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night September 19: Titans @ Jags (NFLN) Semi-National Sunday September 22, 1:00PM ET (West of Mississippi+Mid-Atlantic+MI+WI+Chi) Ravens @ Chiefs (CBS) Semi-National Sunday September 22, 4:25PM ET (May lose more markets due to no Brees) Saints @ Seahawks (CBS)...
  11. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 4 Game Thread

    We got some barn burners this week, pretty good Noon slate included. Notable games: Thursday, September 19: Houston @ Tulane, 8:00, ESPN Friday, September 20: #10 Utah @ Southern Cal, 9:00, FS1 Air Force @ #20 Boise State, 9:00, ESPN2 Saturday, September 21: Southern Miss @ #2 Bama, 12:00...
  12. Ale Xander

    Week 2 Game Thread

    NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night September 12:Bucs @ Panthers (NFLN) Semi-National Sunday September 15, 4:25 PM: Saints @ Rams (NFC CG preview?, both coasts + bible belt) OR Bears @ Broncos (upper midwest and Rockies/plains) (FOX) Sunday Night September 15: Eagles @ Dirty Birds (Atlanta)...
  13. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 3 Game Thread

    Notable games: Friday September 13: The What's The Point of Having a Friday Game If It's Not On (real) National TV aka Les is More Bowl: Kansas @ Boston College, 7:30, ACCN Cougar Bowl: #20 Wazzou Cougars @ Houston Cougars, 9:15, ESPN Saturday September 14: Amish Bowl, Pittsburgh @ #13 Penn...
  14. Ale Xander

    College Football Week 2 game thread

    Notable games: Friday September 6: Virginia Academic Bowl, William & Mary @ UVA, 8:00, ACCN Marshall Thundering Herd @ #24 Boise State Thundering Broncos, 9:00, ESPN2 Saturday September 7: Battle for Ohio, Cincinnati Bearcats @ #7 tOSU Buckeyes, 12:00, ABC Army @ #5 Michigan, 12:00, Fox (Gus...
  15. Ale Xander

    Week 1 Game Thread

    New season is upon us! NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night September 5: Packers @ Bears (NBC) Semi-National Sunday September 8, 4:25 PM: Giants @ Cowboys (FOX) Sunday Night September 8: Banner Night at Gillette (NBC) - see "other" thread Monday Night 1, September 9, 7:10PM: Texans @ Saints...
  16. Ale Xander

    Red Sox Rays August 1st

    New month, new results. Cashner v. McKay, umkay?
  17. Ale Xander

    The Greg Hill and Danielle Murr show on 'EEI

    Caught a tiny bit this morning. Talking about giving 81 to Hendricks after A-Herb's demise and Edelman's worth following the Michael Thomas contract. Kind of a more sporty and slightly less boring Matty in the Morning show. Not a fan, yet. Although very excited to turn on the station at that...
  18. Ale Xander

    Let's talk about the NL Central!

    So it looks like the Reds, who are in last place in their division, are only 4.5 back of first place. That is a smaller margin than any other division has between 1st and SECOND place. This division race will quite possibly be the only one resembling a race come September. The Reds actually...
  19. Ale Xander

    '19-'20 Warriors: who's left?

    1) SOmeone (SRN? Dejesus?) needs to start a '19/'20 thread. 2) To recap, in June, a) Klay and Durant injured/re-injured, causing them to get upset in NBA Finals b) lose Klay for most of '19-20 c) lose Durant for good d) lose Iggy e) lose future 1st round pick f) lose Looney (I think) g)...
  20. Ale Xander

    Celtics 2019-2020 depth chart and roster

    So, currently, before FA, we have this:? PG Smart Edwards Waters W1 Brown Langford Dozier Strus W2 Tatum Hayward (6m) Hunter PF Semi Yabu GrantWill C TL RFA Rozier, Theis, Wanamaker, Gibson UFA Marcus Morris 99% gone Kyrie 80% gone Horford So are we trying to sign Theis and a...