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    Tyler Skaggs passes away “#Angels have announced that pitcher Tyler Skaggs died this morning in Texas. The game vs. #Rangers has been canceled.” No details but RIP
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    Ohio State Finds Team Doctor Sexually Abused 177 Students Just awful.
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    The Caster Semenya decision

    So Caster Semenya has lost her landmark legal case against the IAAF, and will have to undergo treatments to reduce her naturally high levels of testosterone if she is to compete in the 800m
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    Should the Winter Olympics Have More Global Representation?

    This is repeating some discussion going on elsewhere, but I wanted to focus specifically on whether there should be more global representation at the Winter Olympics, and if so how that can be achieved. The final medal count for the 2018 Winter Olympics shows that 30 countries were on the...
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    Sub-optimal NFL team logistics

    The Patriots planes thread and the possibility that they are doing this to get an advantage over flying 300-lb men in cramped seats on a charter made me wonder, are there other sub-optimal things that NFL teams are still doing that hinder their players from having the best possible game day...
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    2017 Washington Area Football Team: Kissing (But Not Marrying) Cousins

    So it looks like the Skins and Kirk Cousins couldn't come to a resolution - no surprise when the one offer described there was essentially a lowball. $53M for 2 years ignores the fact that Cousins would have made $24M the 1st year anyway, so they were essentially offering $29M extra - which he...
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    Patriots WR Hawkins Retires

    Continuing a good week for Andrew Hawkins, who just graduated with a masters from Columbia.
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    Overtime Rules

    The Economist looked at how the overtime rules in football favored the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Now I'd argue that this particular game was likely to lead to one of the highest theoretical differentials...
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    Can't You See We Need a Hand? (Pats interested in Keenan Reynold?)

    Could just be standard "Belichick + Navy" assumptions, but Tom E. Curran sums up all the various reports on the Pats possibly looking at Keenan Reynolds as a QB conversion project:
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    Ay, There's the Rub

    Was reading the article about Brady proving that ball inflation is irrelevant to his greatness that was posted in the DFG thread, and halfway through the article starts talking about the Pats' offensive schemes this year:     I'm not a film guy, but is that an accurate read of this year's...
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    Getting Wi-Fi throughout a large house?

    So I moved into a big house that was built in the 1930s and thus has a lot of brick construction, which is interfering with both my wifi and cell connections. The Verizon FIOS router that I have doesn't really penetrate into the bedroom - when I go to the bedroom, my devices still think that I...
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    First active affiliated pro baseball player to come out Brewers minor leaguer David Denson became the first active pro player in the MLB-affiliated leagues to come out, doing so in a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel interview today. Response so far from his team (whom he told first) seems to be largely...
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    MacPhail Makes Phillies: No More Robbing Tomorrow, Jr?

    Surprised that there hasn't been a thread on this, but Andy MacPhail was announced as the incoming Phillies President on Monday. MacPhail will replace Pat Gillick at the end of the 2015 season. Also notable was that John Middleton, one of the Phillies' minority owners, made the announcement...
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    Is it worth getting an iPhone 6 now?

    My iPhone 5 battery is basically shot, and it looks like I'll have to take it in to the Apple Store to get it replaced. I was wondering whether instead of paying $79 for the battery replacement, I should just upgrade to an iPhone 6.    The pros and cons of the 6 as a device have been discussed...
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    This Could Be Us But You Playing: Who missed out that you most feel for?

    In the 10 years between Super Bowl victories, a lot of players have donned the Patriots uniform. There have been a lot of failed opportunities to grab that brass ring. Which of those players do you most feel for, in terms of missing out on getting a Super Bowl ring? My own take: Logan Mankins...
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    The truth about the Patriots' fumble rate

    This is related to Ballghazi, but since the numbers on the Pats' supposedly nefariously low fumble rate have been quoted like some sort of gospel on ESPN and other publications, I thought I'd start a new thread on the topic. I wrote an article to take an in-depth look at what the analysis that's...
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    The Trick to Belichick's Sick Picks

    Over at Grantland, Bill Barnwell has a really good summary of why Belichick is one of the best at accumulating draft picks:   Barnwell argues that Belichick's success comes from the following strategy: Trading a...
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    Mike Carey Opted Out of DC Games

    I hesitate to start this one because of how the previous discussion of the Washington area football team's name ended, but I thought this was interesting - Mike Carey, the NFL ref, asked and was allowed to not referee Washington games because of the team name. Don't think I've ever heard of refs...
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    The soccer body type

    So a common refrain throughout the World Cup was that the US men's national team can't be great, because the best athletes in the US play American football or baseball or other more lucrative sports.   Here's a naive set of questions in response: how fungible are athletes really in terms of body...
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    Tech Pet Peeves

    Much like the equivalent thread in P&G, this is a thread to vent and gripe about tech-related pet peeves, little things about your devices and software that bug you even though you know in the grand scheme of things they're minor. Not necessarily looking for a fix, though hopefully the SoSH geek...