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  1. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 14: Conference Championships

    Can't even find four super deserving teams this year (everybody except UGA and Michigan have major warts) and they're expanding the field to 12 teams in two years. Yikes.
  2. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK

    Quite lame and PJ Fleck go together like PB and J
  3. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK

    A real doozy next week in Charlotte with UNC coming off two terrible losses at home and Clemson off losing to South Carolina to end their home winning streak.
  4. Greg29fan

    CFB Coaching Carousel

    Pelini was an adopted "Nebraska guy" since he was Frank Solich's defensive coordinator in 2003 and coached the Alamo Bowl after Frank was fired. He also was hired the second time around by Tom Osborne which is the ultimate trump card.
  5. Greg29fan

    CFB Coaching Carousel

    Rhule's biggest issues are that he's not a "Nebraska guy" and that he's not Mickey Joseph, who is, and galvanized the fan base around him despite only winning three games after Frost got canned. These are the same problems Bill Callahan and Mike Riley faced and it's a large mountain to...
  6. Greg29fan

    Week 11 game thread

    For a team that supposedly gets a lot of breaks from the stripes, Dallas is involved in more of those clown show moments than every other team in the league combined.
  7. Greg29fan

    Week 11 game thread

    Minnesota down 17 like I think they are pretty much every week
  8. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    It didn't matter, Green Bay would have gone down the field and gotten a TD any way. Like I get you guys don't understand but Rodgers doesn't lose to Dallas.
  9. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Can't beat Rodgers, can't beat Brady
  10. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    It's Aa-ron against a team he completely owns. It was never over.
  11. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Saturday had a good scouting report on Twitter a couple weeks ago View:
  12. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Dak is alive!
  13. Greg29fan

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Time to get Cooper Rush up in the bullpen
  14. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 11: Wait, LSU is alive?

    UNC wins the final ACC Coastal division title (ACC ditching divisions starting next year) after beating Wake in Winston-Salem.
  15. Greg29fan

    Week 8 Gamethread

    Parsons: rushes the qb Gets held (not called) runs like 25 yards down the field recovers the fumble runs it all the way back View:
  16. Greg29fan

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    A Stantonian Strikeout!
  17. Greg29fan

    Week 6 Gamethread

    The next time the Cowboys show up in a meaningful game will be the first time since Super Bowl 30
  18. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 7: Are we sure we want Tennessee to be good again?

    UNC continues its complete ownage of Duke's sorry asses.
  19. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 6: GameDay in Lawrence

    Nebraska won a one score game! And lead the Big Ten West!
  20. Greg29fan

    CFB 2022 Week 5: Rank Kansas, you cowards

    The ACC is particularly stupid about moving games, so I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I still have PTSD from the VT-UNC game played in the midst of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and it sounds like they're going to do that again Saturday in Chapel Hill.