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  1. Hambone

    Cable Providers with Hidden, Wireless, Cable Boxes

    I have a friend moving into a new house that isn't wired for cable. She used to have Directv, but that was mainly for the ex-husband to get the football package. She doesn't give a damn about price. She just wants the best non-Directv solution to keep cable boxes out of sight and easily be...
  2. Hambone

    20 days!

    You know you're excited.   Adams passed the math test and is now practicing with Oregon Ohio State has at least twice as many QB options as Rev has working knees The SEC is the SEC according to ESPN!!! Year 2 of the playoff and conferences already promoting themselves So how does this play out...
  3. Hambone

    Patriots Photoshop Request (aka paging BrandenChristensen)

    I want this graphic but with Brady, Belichick and Kraft and a Patriots logo in place of the spaceship. I will then put it on a t-shirt.     As I bring nothing to the table, I would also consider someone being kind enough to add a Patriots logo to something like this     If someone pulls this...
  4. Hambone

    Week 5 College Football GameThread

    Sponsored by East Carolina  
  5. Hambone

    Sarkisian to U$C

    Sarkisian to U$C