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  1. joe dokes

    HBO Doc on Willie Mays

    Say Hey, Willie Mays! | Watch the Movie on HBO | Watched this last night. It was quite good. Fine contributions from Barry Bonds, Juan Marichal, Vin Scully and many others. If you watch, stick with it past the credits.
  2. joe dokes

    Chris Sale opts in to remaining 2 years of contract

    Not a surprise. Sale's does not opt out: Chris Sale will not opt out, so he’s under contract with Red Sox for two more seasons - The Boston Globe
  3. joe dokes

    Minor glitch after replacing windows with chrome on laptop- f keys "off by one"

    When my workplace upgrades the tech, we are free to rummage through the recycling area, which has given me many extra monitors, keyboards and wires over the years. They recently abandoned a bunch of HP mt42 thin clients. Probably c. 2016 or so. They were fine when hooked up to the workplace...
  4. joe dokes

    Sterling pulled from rising waters

    Havent seen this anywhere here. (Probably missed it in a thread, as I'd be surprised if I'm the first to see this) Yet perhaps the most interesting thing is that the NYY have...
  5. joe dokes

    Will a power strip/surge protector with battery backup help?

    Out xfinity xb7 gateway is extremely sensitive to even the briefest power fluctuations. Even if nothing else in the house is affected -- like the clocks on the stove and microwave -- the gateway will reboot, which takes 10 minutes or so, and then another 10 for the ORBI and its satellite to...
  6. joe dokes

    Radio Stream issue

    So I throw myself to those who undoubtedly know more than me about this stuff. The basic issue is that one radion station and one station only has recently stopped streaming on my phone (either with or without TuneIn ) over my workplace's public wi-fi network. The IT guy (who I trust) assures...
  7. joe dokes

    Drake Takes the Cake