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  1. MakMan44

    Trade Rumors Thread 2016 Edition

    White Sox in talks to acquire James Shields from the Padres
  2. MakMan44

    Getting Wifi for my apartment

    So I'm moving out in a really short time frame and I want to find out how I can get my new place hooked up with wifi. I've never had to do anything like this before so any advice, such as how to check for the best company in my area for wifi, to how to make sure I'm not screwed on pricing...
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    The Rises Wasn't sure if this was main board worthy, but really cool that Fangraphs linked to Mike Richmond's article. Congrats to both him and the entire team over there.
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    More PED bans expected

    Per a report on ESPN: Several players are expected to receive a suspension for PEDs
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    Hector Olivera arrested for alleged domestic violence Olivera is already 31, and is only in his second MLB season. We'll have see what happens in the Jose Reyes situation but honestly, I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see Olivera's...
  6. MakMan44

    Trade Deadline pushed back for 2016

    Noticed on MLBTR, that the trade dead line was going to be August 1st next season Kind of a strange decision but I'm interested to see how it plays out
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    Nats sign Daniel Murphy

    Nats and Murphy in agreement to a 3 year deal per Jim Bowden.
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    Sox send Miley to Seattle for Smith (RP) and Elias (SP)

    Sources: #Mariners talking to #RedSox about trade for starting pitcher. Target is Buchholz or Miley, not clear. Per Rosenthal, the M's are looking at acquiring Clay or Wade Miley from the Sox. I'm more interested in what the Sox would be looking to get back from the M's in any deal. .
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    My internet is driving me up the wall

    So I'm having a bunch of issues with my shitty internet.    It's dropping quite a bit, giving me a bunch of "resolving host" issue.   I've changed my DNS servers to Google's which helped significantly and I've optimized the wifi channel my router uses, but it hasn't cleared up the issue, I'm...
  10. MakMan44

    No DNS server?

    So my Airport Express is blinking Amber and when I went to check the error, that's what's showing up. I tried factory resetting the thing but that didn't solve the issue. Not really sure what to do from here, can someone explain how to solve the error in simple terms?
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    2015-16 Offseason News Catch-All Thread   The #Marlins are signing Ichiro Suzuki today for the 2016 season. Announcement will be today
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    Let's discuss Papi's HoF chances

    We've always known that he's a borderline candidate, so I'm wondering if getting to that nice round number pushes him over the top. The rest of his numbers still look borderline, but between his PS history and getting to 500 HRs, I still think he's gets voted into the HOF.
  13. MakMan44

    Scully back for his 67th (and final) season

        Well, this sucks. 
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    August Trades

    Braves and Indians swap bad contracts, Nick Swisher & Bourn for Chris Johnson
  15. MakMan44

    August 2015 Game Thread

    New month, new thread.
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    Mets try again: Bruce for Wheeler?   #Mets and #Reds doing due diligence on Zack Wheeler and Jay Bruce. Pretty far along. Don't know if another player would be involved.   That's due diligence on medicals to...
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    Jays get Price

    blue jays are closing in on d. price. would be huge get for them. needed pitching. he's one of best.   Nuts dude, absolutely nuts. 
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    Let's talk about trading Hanley & Pablo

    Matthew Kory wrote a post over on Fangraphs about what it would like if the Sox traded both players   On value to other teams:     On whether it's still a good idea:     Overall, I tend to agree. I think dumping the contracts now, is going to look like a mistake. We're not even a full season in...
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    What should the Sox do with Swihart when Hanigan returns?

    So Hanigan return is approaching quickly, as the season continues to get closer to another lost year.    Swihart is posting a 53 wRC+ created, and a .562 OPS. Bad numbers, but he's been slightly better in June posting a .641 OPS & a wRC+ of 77. So has he shown enough on offense AND defense...
  20. MakMan44

    Mookie leaves game with "sprained lower back"

    Not sure how long he'll be out for, but this really sucks in a season already filled with disappointment.