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  1. BigSoxFan

    The Blame Game: Pick the Single Biggest Issue With the Offense

    Preface: we know this offense has a multitude of issues but I'm curious to see where SoSH places the most blame.
  2. BigSoxFan

    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    I know there will be many who reflexively recoil at the sight of this thread but, f*ck it, I'm going to pull a Mac Jones and force it into coverage. Last night was a highly disappointing night. Mac looked like shit. Our Zappe savior flashed...and then looked like shit himself. Defense was...
  3. BigSoxFan

    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    Simple question. No wrong answers. I would. I think you always get the all-time great when you have a chance but I do acknowledge the potential downside here. But I like to roll the dice on personnel moves. Editor’s note: I don’t think Durant is interested in Boston so this is purely academic
  4. BigSoxFan

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    Well, that sucked. So, where is your head at now?
  5. BigSoxFan

    Mentality Heading into Game 5

    Tough loss last night. Could have gone up 3-1 with 3 chances to close it out. Didn’t get it done. Steph went nuts. Now, they have to win at least 1 game out west to claim the title. So, how do you feel about their chances?
  6. BigSoxFan

    Game 7 Confidence Level

    Disappointing home performance forces a Game 7 in Miami. Home teams generally win about 75-80% of Game 7’s in the playoffs so it won’t be easy. So, where does your confidence level sit for the next game?
  7. BigSoxFan

    What was your favorite Tom Brady moment?

    Didn’t make this a poll since there are a million possible answers. But curious what everyone thinks. Can be a singular play, a moment after a game, interview, off field interaction, etc. Anything is fair game. I’ll start. His reaction after the Butler INT knowing that he finally reached...
  8. BigSoxFan

    Revisiting the Crystal Ball: Predict How this Season Ends

    Ok, Pats are now sitting pretty at 9-4 with a bye coming up and games against Indy, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Miami remaining. If they win out, they're the #1 seed. If they drop 1, they still have a chance at top seed depending on what other teams do. If they drop 2, who knows. So, based on...
  9. BigSoxFan

    Would you want Ben Simmons on the Celtics?

    This is purely a hypothetical exercise since there is a 0.000001% chance Morey would deal him to Boston. But, given what we’ve seen from this saga, how interested would you be in having him on the Celtics? Feel like there is a decent chance of polarizing responses here so here we go…
  10. BigSoxFan

    To kick or not to kick, that is the question

    I went back and forth in the moment about this decision but I ended up being ok with it. Lots of discussion going on in other threads but would be interested to quantify where this board landed on the call.
  11. BigSoxFan

    What result do you want to see Sunday night?

    Brady is returning and there will be a lot of strong feelings abound given what Brady meant to the franchise and its fans. But now he's a Buccaneer and we have our Mac. So, what do you want to see Sunday night (apart from a Pats win)? I'll start it off. I was one of the bigger Brady fan boys the...
  12. BigSoxFan

    Defending the GOAT: What should Belichick do to slow down Brady/Tampa offense?

    Figured the strategy piece should be stripped out from the other thread, which will likely continue to focus on the drama of Brady's departure. As for the game itself, I think it's going to be fascinating to see how Belichick attempts to defend this Tampa offense and, specifically, Brady...
  13. BigSoxFan

    Doomsday Scenario: Lakers or Nets?

    Nets look to be steamrolling to a Finals appearance. Lakers are far less certain but certainly could get there. So, in a matchup of Kyrie, Durant, race baiting vs. LeBron, LA fans, etc., who are you rooting for?
  14. BigSoxFan

    Vrabel and Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Titans Get Jones

    Pats apparently having internal discussions about acquiring Julio Jones and he is allegedly interested in playing in NE. Probably worth a thread and I know some discussion has taken place in the depth chart thread. Trade becomes much easier after June 1st so, while certainly unlikely, not...
  15. BigSoxFan

    Favorite Patriots Newcomer (Draft Picks Included)

    Lots of new faces. Lots of exciting new players. So, who are you MOST excited to watch and why? Trent Brown and Van Noy are eligible.
  16. BigSoxFan

    Smartfood for Thought: What do you want to do with Marcus Smart after this year?

    Marcus Smart is a valuable but polarizing player. He is entering the final year of his contract next year and represents one of the few movable pieces on the roster, if Danny wants to shake things up. He's had a recent stretch of costly mistakes/decisions so I think now is a good time to revisit...
  17. BigSoxFan

    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    Well, the 2021 draft is in the books: Round 1: Mac Jones (15) Round 2: Christian Barmore (38) Round 3: Ronnie Perkins (96) Round 4: Rhamondre Stevenson (120) Round 5: Cameron McGrone (177) Round 6: Joshuah Bledsoe (188) Round 6: William Sherman (197) Round 7: Tre Nixon (242)
  18. BigSoxFan

    How Good Do You Think Mac Will Eventually Be?

    Premise of this thread is simple. We all hope Mac will be an elite QB but there is obviously a wide range of possibilities here. So, what does your gut say about how good of a career Mac will have?
  19. BigSoxFan

    D(anny)-Day : Predict the outcome of today's trade deadline

    Lots of possible potential outcomes for today. What does Danny accomplish today, if anything? You can select multiple responses.
  20. BigSoxFan

    Which Pats WR Will Lead in Yards Next Season?

    Who do you think leads the team in receiving this year and why? You can account for injuries or expected injuries (i.e., Henry tends to miss a couple games / year).