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  1. PC Drunken Friar

    The $200 Lineup Game

    Took this from the Athletic, who took it from Twitter. The goal is to put forth the best team for each franchise using players that only played for them for a hot minute. Every game they played for the franchise counts as $1. You get them for their entire career though, not just how they...
  2. PC Drunken Friar

    Changes to Fenway (eliminating 450 Bleacher Seats) This looks like it will take over that parking lot across from Jillian's and Landsdowne Pub? Taking away 450 bleacher seats seems like a lot. 15+ rows of the cheap seats. Not a huge fan.
  3. PC Drunken Friar

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Shocker, no one seems to care about the TNF match-up between the Ravens and Browns.