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  1. SuperManny

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I haven't been following it that closely but the quotes I've seen from the players indicate that they don't know anything more than the public. View...
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    Recommend a “Google Photos” alternative

    Amazon Photos is paid as well but is included with Prime if you already have that. I actually use both because I already have Prime and an android phone which automatically backs up photos to google. I like Prime better because sharing photos seems easier on it than google. Prime does have...
  3. SuperManny

    Streaming NFL games

    I get "Sorry, your address is not eligible" probably because my house has a DirecTV dish on the roof from back when I used to have their service
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    Sports Cards Mania

  5. SuperManny

    Cal and Camby getting statues at UMass (also Erving and Leamen)

    It was a few years before my time at Umass so I don't have strong feelings about either of them but like you said, Camby was a teenager in college who took money. It seems to be fairly common in the sport but he got caught and there were penalties. Is there more to that incident or other...
  6. SuperManny

    Sports Cards Mania

    My latest card that I got in is a combo Manny/Ortiz that I love due to the Red Sox styling. Now I just need to find a proper holder for it
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    Tebow Time! Can't kaep him down.

    View: I would imagine that a lot of players feel this way
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    Pats QB Options

    If you go back another year you add Winston and Mariota who I believe both started right away but it does seem like most 1st round QBs come in within a few games or at the latest part way through the season. If you expect your rookie QB to be starting by week 4 or 6 does it make sense to pay...
  9. SuperManny

    Mock away, you can mock away

    Chris Simms’ 2021 NFL mock draft I could actually see the Pats trading up and not taking one of the QBs, which will piss everyone off including myself, but Fields at 32, no way
  10. SuperManny

    Pats QB Options

    It's why you see the Pats, and I assume other teams, cut fringe players before the season and then bring them back later when the full season contract isn't guaranteed
  11. SuperManny

    Pats QB Options

    I thought that season became guaranteed once the season starts, at least for veterans
  12. SuperManny

    NBA Top Shot

    Is there any actual benefit to low serial numbers other than personal preference? I sold the Shai for $98 which is around current market price but the high serial numbers go for $5k which seems ridiculous, and yes I know the pricing in general is ridiculous.
  13. SuperManny

    NBA Top Shot

    This was my pack
  14. SuperManny

    NBA Top Shot

    This is the first one I've actually gotten
  15. SuperManny

    NBA Top Shot

    I'm at 49k
  16. SuperManny

    NBA Top Shot

    201,000 for me haha
  17. SuperManny

    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    It looks like his base salary is $8.25M so the rest would be on Philly as dead cap right?
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    Sports Cards Mania

    That one ended up going for $210 which makes me feel good because I bought the same card a few months back for $130 and I thought I overpaid at the time.
  19. SuperManny

    Sports Cards Mania

    I had a good amount of cards that I had been purchasing the last few years off Ebay but was having trouble keeping it all organized so I started consolidating my collection and upgrading some of them along the way so that I only keep my favorites and have room to display them. One of the cards...
  20. SuperManny

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    The Radskins cracked me up, that's such a terrible name.