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  1. Return of the Dewey

    Red Sox acquire Wyatt Mills for Jacob Wallace, DFA Eric Hosmer

    First thing that came to my mind...Bloom really is fashioning himself as today's Billy Beane...Mills::Chad Bradford.
  2. Return of the Dewey

    12/10 The team with the chewed-up mouth guard

    Worst games of season for White, GWill and Tatum is not winning formula
  3. Return of the Dewey

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    TokyoSox or someone else who knows about the Japanese market would know better, but could ownership’s concentration on Japanese players this cycle be to drive revenues in Japanese market? Are there some untapped revenues that they are trying to capture by signing star players?
  4. Return of the Dewey

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    A long time ago, Red Sox signed away a fan favorite, productive 29 yo shortstop from StL by offering $40MM over 4 years, while StL offered $32M over 4 years. Amazing how much things have changed over the last 18 years.
  5. Return of the Dewey

    NFL: News and transactions

    It would be nice if Zach Wilson sees this as an opportunity...he wasn't being asked to do much with the OL/running game clicking. Silver lining is that it is not self-inflicted wounds hurting the team for once.
  6. Return of the Dewey

    NFL: News and transactions

    To my fellow Jets fans (I think there are a couple on SoSH)....this is why we can't have nice things.
  7. Return of the Dewey

    2023 NBA Draft: Wem! Ban! Thank You Yam!

    Ralph was a 2022 player playing in the 1980s. He would have excelled in today’s NBA
  8. Return of the Dewey

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    This made me laugh View:
  9. Return of the Dewey

    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    This is where I'm at. All series (and really playoffs) long, I longed for that guy who can come of the bench and just seems automatic from 3. I had hoped that PP would be that guy, but he really faded.
  10. Return of the Dewey

    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Smart is an adequate offensive, and DPOY caliber, guard. Those don't grow on trees, and, IMO, it would be foolish to get rid of him. Championship teams need those type of guards/players.
  11. Return of the Dewey

    6/16 Hill v Blackburn

    Still in game is good sign...would love to see him start to sport elbow and hand guards.
  12. Return of the Dewey

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    Yeah, the nadir started after Bias death…it was as if Red’s deal with the devil had finally come due. Broken feet, broken back, another death, lost #1 pick… I still fantasize about grizzled veteran Bird initiating fast breaks to Reggie or Bias with a baseball pass down court for dunk (or a...
  13. Return of the Dewey

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    I agree. Will mess with everyone’s heads for G7
  14. Return of the Dewey

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    I think that I posted this before, but experience also plays a role in how one plays with fatigue/injury. Anyone, let alone professional athletes, come to learn more about their bodies as they get older, and how to adjust physical activity based upon how body is feeling. Further, with...
  15. Return of the Dewey

    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    I think a lot of this is refs calling a game based upon the team. Big, physical teams like MIL, you need to hit the ground in order to get a call because there is so much physical play that there would be a foul on just about every possession otherwise. Smaller teams, like GS, they're going to...
  16. Return of the Dewey

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    I am expecting big game from JB in Game 6. He was incredibly awful in Game 5, and he's due for at least one supernova game during the Finals. I also think that we'll see one of the role players come up with a solid Game 6 (Horford, White, GWill, PP). GWill and PP are especially due for one of...
  17. Return of the Dewey

    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    The thing that bothered me more than the non-call was the ref staring down Marcus through the whole sequence. It just seemed like ref showboating...equivalent to home plate umpire exuberant strike 3 call in playoffs.
  18. Return of the Dewey

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Just like MIL and MIA, GS is giving up open jumpers (and 3s), and initiating contact during drives to the paint. As been the case throughout the playoffs, the Cs win when (1) they're jumpers (especially 3s) are falling, which opens up paint and/or (2) they get out in transition before the...
  19. Return of the Dewey

    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    Yeah, I think that he is hurt. Also, it’s easy to forget how young he (and JB) are. The ability to change your game when you are banged up is something that usually comes with more experience (as it tends to start happening more as one ages). He seems to be trying to adjust with more drives...