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  1. mfried

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Adam Jones, who previously spent 14 seasons in the MLB and made five All-Star appearances, spent a season with the Buffaloes and was formerly a teammate of Yoshida in Japan. The now 37-year-old retired outfielder didn’t just issue kind words about Yoshida, Jones went as far as to provide one...
  2. mfried

    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    No love for Yankees, but not that much hate either! Red Sox can find mojo from other sources than a Yankees win!
  3. mfried

    Trevor Story has a small hairline fracture near his wrist.

    The potential DH would be Arroyo - is that what you mean? He could also be backup at both SS and 2nd. Story is so good at 2nd I would be reluctant to move him for 2023.
  4. mfried

    What does 2023 look like?

    Duran has three skills: bunting, running and hitting line drives to left field. Bunting and running can combine for a modest number of base hits, and running should develop more consistently into stealing, which he attempts rarely. Hitting to left field could set up stealings or moving...
  5. mfried

    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    No evidence that Jarred is a good base stealer in MLB. That reduces his value to virtually nothing.
  6. mfried

    Will the Sox make the playoffs? And how far if so?

    I think that the Vaz trade had a devastating effect on Xander, and that he is making some effort to recover, but that he can’t quite summon the motivation. This dynamic could well hurt his ability to negotiate the contract in this off-season, with the Sox or anyone else.
  7. mfried

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Our outfield picture did not get enhanced with this move. Pham-Duran-Verdugo are not a defensively or offensively gifted trio.
  8. mfried

    7/25/22 vs Cleveland - Plesac vs Pivetta

    Devastated morale aside it is possible to win this game.
  9. mfried

    A Futile and Stupid Gesture On Our Part - 7.24.22

    Check on rewriting of history: no direct relation between the Germans and Pearl Harbor.
  10. mfried

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    None of his pitches were crisp, and he knew it. The number of changeups was evidence of the absence of both his slider and fast ball.
  11. mfried

    July 14th - Red Sox @ Tamper - Let's not get swept

    Rasmussen’s numbers are a bit too good for my taste.
  12. mfried

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Thanks for this point. Sawamura can have great stuff - 4-seamer and splitter. His control (strikes vs. balls) and command (right part of zone) are unpredictable, but when they’re on he can be solid or better. I think he is totally under-rated.
  13. mfried

    6/25 Winckowski vs Bieber

    Love his hustle in the field and the simplified approach to hitting - no hrs expected on the road, but we don’t need him for that.
  14. mfried

    6/16 Hill v Blackburn

    Astute use of DVR is evoked.
  15. mfried

    How to get back in this thing

    Sale may end up being the most expensive closer ever.
  16. mfried

    So we need another thread 05/20

    6h 4r - what’s this all about?
  17. mfried

    Hunter Renfroe traded to Brewers for JBJ and 2 prospects

    Verdugo would be in right. Schwarber and JDM would play in LF. If JBJ starts it will be in center with Kike on 2nd, where he would play well if stabilized in that position. If JBJ is 4th OF, we may be waiting for a RF not yet signed.
  18. mfried

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Many decisions should be predicated on improving defense: that means neither Martinez nor Schwarber should be more than a DH.
  19. mfried

    Red Sox in season discussion

    No surprise that JD opted in: but we can kiss Schwarber goodbye unless Martinez, accompanied by some cash, is traded - a prospect I would welcome.