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  1. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Semifinal Megathread: Argentina/Croatia & France/Morocco

    Holy shit what a run! Someone on D has to stop the ball.
  2. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Quarterfinal Day 2: Morocco/Portugal & England/France

    That WAS a motherfucking PK! Reminds me of this: Norm Miller was doing the broadcast bit in the fourth inning when Joe Morgan came back to the dugout after missing a big curveball for strike three. "Joe, Joe Morgan, may I have a word with you?" "Sure, Norm, how's it going?" "Fine, Joe...
  3. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Quarterfinal Day 1: Croatia/Brazil & Netherlands/Argentina

    Feel bad for VVD, but I'm rooting for Messi even though a good number of his teammates are shitheads.
  4. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Day 14 12/3: KNOCKOUT!!! USA!!!

    I just cannot believe Haji Wright is getting more minutes.
  5. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Day 10 11/29: Pulisic ascends!

    Weston! Dest! Pulisic!! Holy Fucking Shit!
  6. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Day 10 11/29: Pulisic ascends!

    And now, just like that, we're not.
  7. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Day 8 11/27: Auf Wiedersehen Canada?

    Holy shit! What a ball! What awful defending!
  8. BigPapiLumber Co.

    World Cup Day 6 11/25: AMERICAN REVOLUTION!

    About 15 minutes ago the announcers said he was warming up as if to come on. So I assume he's healthy enough.
  9. BigPapiLumber Co.

    Morosi: Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    I really like what the Nats got back. It sucks having to trade him, but they're likely a much better team in 2025 now than they would have been. And they weren't going to compete in '23 or '24 anyway. Lots to like in that package of prospects. And quantity to mitigate the risk that some of...
  10. BigPapiLumber Co.

    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    Rizzo says the Nats won't "dilute" their return on Soto by attaching a bad contract (Corbin) to the trade. As a Nats fan, this is welcome news, because we're not going to be competitive by the time his contact expires anyway (2024), so the only point in doing so would be to shed salary at the...
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    HOF Induction Ceremony 2022 (Big Papi)

    I love this speech by Tony Oliva, but it's getting really fucking hot waiting for Papi!
  12. BigPapiLumber Co.

    6/28 Because somebody had to do it - Wacha vs. Strickling

    I haven't attended a game thread since ... the playoffs? But I just came to add my "Fuck Houck" to the chorus. FUCK! HOUCK!
  13. BigPapiLumber Co.

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Loved the defender who was solely responsible for keeping Ferrera onside being the one raising his arm seeking an off-side. Edit: yeah, like SFIC said.