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  1. jwbasham84

    Sox Sign Raimel Tapia

    Until we sign a SS, Duvall is going to play center because Kiké will be forced to play SS...
  2. jwbasham84

    Sox Sign Raimel Tapia

    I would be really disappointed to see a cost controlled young player who is one of our best OF be traded. Yes, he wasn't the best defender in right field last year. But if he is trying to cover Fenway's right field with a broken toe, to me that explains it. He was fine there before, no not an...
  3. jwbasham84

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Red Sox Planning To Use Garrett Whitlock As Starter In 2023 - MLB Trade Rumors That is what the home office has said... Whitlock will start
  4. jwbasham84

    2023 Outfield

    Additionally, Suzuki hurt his left ring finger and was out over a month. He ended up only appearing in 111 games in 2022. Who knows if he was fully healthy when he returned to playing, during his rehab stint he hit well (4-9 with a homer and two doubles so power seems there), but he could have...
  5. jwbasham84

    Poll: Who Will Play the Most Games at Shortstop for the '23 Red Sox?

    Can is one thing... Will is a totally different scenario
  6. jwbasham84

    Let’s sign a starting pitcher!

    Fare thee well Dick Mountain. We barely knew ye....
  7. jwbasham84

    Devers : No talks after season begins (Speier report)

    Exactly my point as well. I am not trying to say they were/are the same player. I was just using a recently painful example for our franchise to show how a player that has had extensively covered issues with their weight can lose focus on their fitness routine and begin a spiral down. I...
  8. jwbasham84

    Devers : No talks after season begins (Speier report)

    This is my exact fear with Devers as well. I love him and would not be unhappy if the Sox signed him tomorrow, but I can easily see a 30 yr old Devers very much looking like Panda. Panda was only 28 when we signed him. Both are bat first third basemen, though Sandoval could catch a little...
  9. jwbasham84

    The Once and Future Catchers

    It was my understanding, and I have been wrong many times, that McGuire was a solid defensive catcher with decent framing and a strong arm. The bat was his big question. From the very SSS I thought he looked fine last year behind the plate. Wong is the ? In that platoon IMHO.
  10. jwbasham84

    Who Will Be the 2023 Opening Day Starter?

    Barring another freak injury (hopefully he is safely tucked in bubble wrap until February) Sale is still the "ace" of the staff and he will start the opening day game. His leg may fall off as he walks back to the dugout after a 1-2-3 first inning, but he'll start.
  11. jwbasham84

    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    It is pretty apparent that they will not sign Devers to a (new) market rate deal. I am honestly not sure I would want them to. He is a great player that came up through our system, but I don't see him ever putting up a year like Judge just had. Why would be pay him as if he already has? I...
  12. jwbasham84

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I agree there is pride and ego involved with any job and/or job transition. However, you pay me enough and I will scrub porta pottys with a smile. And like I was saying in my original post, you pay Xander what he wants, and he might DH, play LF, 3rd base etc...
  13. jwbasham84

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    While I tend to agree... if you pay Xander like a Shortstop to play Third base he may be more open to the idea... I feel the big reason for Boras to push X as a shortstop is because it's a premium position with premium pay. You make the pay difference go away and thus some of the issue with...
  14. jwbasham84

    Red Sox sign P Chris Martin

    We literally spent $6M for Paxton to throw exactly 0 pitches for us in 2022. $8.75M for a potentially solid bullpen guy who doesn't walk every 4th batter seems reasonable. No it's not a cheap deal but it's not a massive over pay. I hope we continue to add players that can help the team. Not...
  15. jwbasham84

    Gitter done, Theo: let's put all our dumb I mean brilliant trade suggestions in this thread

    I just think that 6 years at $30M/yr is a little too much for X as we are almost certain to be moving him to a less valuable position on the diamond in the near future. His bat has carried him in the past and maybe injuries last year are what led to the drop in power. If not, when the bat...
  16. jwbasham84

    Let's sign some hitters!

    While I wouldn't mind have an insurance policy for if Casas struggled, that seems like a luxury item for the team. I think Rizzo will cost far too much for such luxury when we have all the other holes to fill and potentially significant outlays to fill them.
  17. jwbasham84

    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    I like this with an opt out in year 3 or 4 for X Dever opt out in year 6 or 7 If they want to gamble on themselves after we have received the benefit of most/all of their primes so be it. Maybe they continue to be great, but we have the chance to miss out on over paying them for the end of...
  18. jwbasham84

    What does 2023 look like?

    I can't see us outbidding the yanks. But we should definitely present a strong offer. What about 7/$262.5? Sure, it's a TON of money and he probably will not be worth that in years 6 & 7. But he literally fills two of our biggest holes at once. Right-handed power hitter and he plays...
  19. jwbasham84

    Verdugo 2023

    I see no reason to get rid of Verdugo at this time. He fills a need for the team, OF (LF only please), and will still be relatively cheap. The new ball sapped some of his power, like everyone else, but an outfielder that hits .280 with a little pop that doesn't strike out a ton (13.4% last...
  20. jwbasham84

    JD Powerless and Associates

    The season is lost and has been for some time. It would have been nice to get Valdez up for a cup of coffee to see if his AAA hitting success translates to the MLB. Even if it didn't, he would be gaining valuable experience and we could learn a little of what we have in him. All we have done...