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    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    So it's a push then between liking either of the two teams, right? I know that the character issue was being pushed a bit by KC haters.
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    How do you feel now about this team, as opposed to earlier in the off-season?

    It was mentioned in one of these threads, but I'm optimistic because this team feels like a logical roster in aiming for a competitive, year-in, year-out rebuild without ever having a total yard sale or completely detonating the team, resorting to running out a roster of what looks like...
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    Bill Belichick and his decision making: Have we learned anything?

    This has big "they hate their coach" energy. When our faces are pressed up against the glass to the inner workings of a sports org we live and die with, all we have is our assumptions and projections which are always based on our fan satisfaction or dissatisfaction with how the team did...
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    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    Anyone with the same vibe here who thinks we were nuts to DFA Barnes. All I can think of is that it's a long and crappy winter for Sox fans, and some are feeling the nostalgia for Barnes' being a part of the 2018 WS and having some Hall of Pretty Good seasons. Because he's largely not been...
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    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    If Barnes got Proctored, and likely had mechanical issues slowly adjusting (and readjusting) during and after his arm trouble, which led to the velocity drop, which in turn is starting to improve which may account for his modest September resurgence. But as mentioned upthread, he probably...
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    This reminds me of when Henry first acquired the team, and they decided to remain in Fenway Park and not blow it up and build a newer, bigger stadium - which would have been a more predictable outcome with regards to making moves to maximize franchise value - but instead work with what they had...
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    I'd argue the Red Sox, as with all sports/entertainment franchises, are seen as a service industry by too many fans - which is where entitlement reeks the most. Peak-Steinbrenner's Yankees fed their fanbase this "sorry we fucked up your latte" whenever they didn't win a ring. Asking to see the...
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    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    However, this is 100% SoSH metatext, isn't it? Since the OP doesn't discuss Bloom or a starting point for the "have" and "have not" analysis in this thread, this comes off as pure projection and cherry picking. So bringing up the pre-Bloom track record seems fair to do in *this* particular...
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    Red Sox acquire Wyatt Mills for Jacob Wallace, DFA Eric Hosmer

    Agreed. Watched a lot of KC games in 2022 and Mills was competitive and passing the eye test in his appearances, FWIW. Not a game-changing arm but someone that has a different look in the pen that was working for him; he might add more than fungible depth in the Sox pen, for nothing. I never...
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    Jason Varitek remains with the organization on a 3-year contract

    I didn't think Manny Ramirez was ever interested in managing. But for actual comps Tek as a manager may be closer to Butch Hobson. Or even Ted Williams. Which would be a disaster. As others have mentioned I would want to know how much Tek has adopted and embraced more recent trends in...
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    Let's sign some hitters!

    Useful as in "fungible." As someone who watched 75% of KCR's games in the past year I'd hope they trade Dozier. He doesn't do any one thing superlatively and his metrics don't indicate his 2019 offense is coming back even by half. They have better options defensively and with more offensive...
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    Managerial Carousel for 2023

    Kansas City Royals have officially hired Matt Quataro as the team's 18th major league manager. I first saw Jeff Passan tweet it out. Three-year deal through 2026. (News here; some subjective hot take reacts here.) While Quataro doesn't have experience managing prior to KC he spent 10 years with...
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    2022-23 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Keith Law for The Athletic has an article about the Yankees' off-season and his own educated guesses as to what they could do based on what they need. It's subscription so am only sharing a few bits. First, Law echoes what JA and EE and others have been stating for the past week: you don't fire...
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    This looks like a Spinal Tap callback to "Jazz Odyssey"
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    Based on Boone's roof-whinging he's gotta be on the chopping block if the Yankees don't advance to the World Series, right? Even if it's the roof's fault?
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    It was excruciating knowing that Matt Carpenter sacrificed however many babies to BABIP to go on that Ruthian tear earlier this season, but just as sweet to see him revert to fully rotted pumpkin in October baseball.
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    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    Do you want an entitled Yankees fanbase in Fenway? Because this is how you get an entitled Yankees fanbase in Fenway.
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    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Is 714 strikeouts across their 5 primary starters (more than half their season K's as a team) bad? Bieber, McKenzie, and Civale were one-strikeout-per-inning guys (three more guys than the Sox had in their rotation). I watched oodles of KC games and the 2022 Indians are a lot like the Royals'...
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    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    This impacts more fan bases than just the Yankees, but the cognizant dissonance of Area Yankees Fan™ not just wanting a ring, but a dynasty, makes it fun to watch them fall short of their own lofty and unrealistic expectations. In 2022 the idea of teams being unbeatably elite and winning...
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    Padres vs. Dodgers NLDS Thread

    I wonder if it could also be a retool and then a managerial change in the first half next year if the Dodgers come out of the gates stumbling, or playing middling, mediocre baseball. This compounded by the fact that they could just regress to more replacement level starting pitching. Their...