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    10/21: Bienvenido a Miami

    playoffs to recent to have 3rd quarter trauma triggered this early in the season.
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    Stars that faded away...

    Aaron Judge once the Yankees signed him to a 14 year contract after the 2022 season.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2022 Edition

    Panda, doing Panda things:
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    the yankees will be in 4th place in the east and here why

    But, but but.....What about the Orioles?
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    It’s like reading texts from a buddy that ended up getting back together with an Ex.
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    Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar To headline Super Bowl half time show

    Its fun thinking of the catalogs of the mentioned performers and thinking of the songs they are most likely not going to be doing. "Ain't no Fun" collaboration is up there on the list.
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    Juhann Begarin pick #45

    I irrationally wanted a Boston Boston jersey so bad its always going to be hard for me to not think of Juhann Begarin as the reason the Celtics didn't bring BJ Boston to his rightful home. And this is why i can barely run a fantasy sport's team.
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    Do you think the Sox will acquire Scherzer in the 2021 season?

    I went with 100% yes because someone had to. The yang to 0% ying. In reality, i'd be crushed to see the farm take a hit, hope its 0% and Sale settles any need for a max offer for a short-term rental.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Gone but never forgotten. Never will forget that beautiful mullet flowing out from under the Red Sox hat. He was actually buried in his Cub’s uniform. Classic character in sport’s history.
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    Yankees Making Dreams Come True

    Someone should recognize this. Brilliant!!
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    Uber issue

    My Uber account seemed to be connected to my ex's email and locked me out too. She was psychotic. I couldn't contact her or get someone with Uber via email or phone. I moved to a town in Montana with no Uber or Psycho Ex. It solved both problems for me. If moving to Montana isn't a...
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    Please recommend a computer monitor

    Any recommendations on a USB-C Monitor? In the same boat as the original poster, same text use but can probably push my company to go slightly higher. Lets say $500 and under.
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    Confessions of a Confused Brady Follower

    I recently moved to Bozeman, MT. Went fishing with a guide that also was a guide for Brady. Nothing but good feedback on what a laid back client he was. My girlfriend is now working as a private chef at the Yellowstone club and has similarly heard nothing but great things about him. Instantly...
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    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    I've lived in Dodger territory for 20-years. I can't stand their fanbase. Giant Dodger flags on people's vehicles like a trump rally. Laker fan = Dodger fan. They all bitch and whine that they lost to cheaters in 2018. They equate the 2018 Boston Red Sox to the 2017 Houston Astros. I...
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    Credit where credit is due: who is responsible for the Red Sox success this century?

    Dave Roberts baby! Bookends to the run. The Steal in 2004 and his help managing the losers in 2018.. Kidding. Sort of.
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I live in Dodger country. There is some real pressure. Its nothing like Boston. The weather is way too nice for LA fans to get as passionate as fans in cold weather places with a team that has been dissected and talked about winter after winter for generations. The pressure is ready to...
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    Mr. Chemistry

    His post has some aspects of the way AA or even some therapists would tell you to approach life and a job only its missing major pieces of the pie (appropriate for T-Day). Saying a spiritual life is more meaningful than entertainment or in this case his job is fine. However he is missing...
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    AB is a big load for Kraft to handle at his age. Kraft strikes me as someone who will make his decision and then let someone younger take a more hands on approach to relieve him from the stress.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Manny Machado'd. Back to back world series with the final pitch putting the final batter on his knee! Couldn't have happened to two better teams. Like last year a bit better but i'll take it :)
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    Josh Gordon Reinstated (Again)

    Really a huge challenge for his recovery. I've been in residential treatment since June 15th. Transferred to sober living on Monday. One of the reasons for the extra support in sober living is for rotator cuff surgery next week. I know that a huge part of my recovery is getting exercise and...