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  1. BuellMiller

    Celebrating what is

    For an example of the similar play in a similar situation that did work, was the game against the Colts in 2007 regular season, when Welker caught an out for a first down late in the game to clinch it. (And then got caught on a hot mic telling the Colts defender what he thought of his play)...
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    Celebrating what is

    edit: double post
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    Celebrating what is

    Maybe I have ptsd from that game (and maybe Brady did too) but I didn’t really remember it until you mentioned it. My top 5 worst Brady INTs: 5. Pick against Washington in 2011 trying to throw to Underwood and then got into blowup with BOB. Bailed out by Mayo with a red zone pick of rex g...
  4. BuellMiller

    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    Duran: Challenge accepted.
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    I've got some simple-ish code that I've run in the past (fooling around with optimizing softball lineups back in the day), that does monte carlo simulations of a lineup to determine amount of runs scored per game and stdev. In this case, I got the following results .260 hitter: 6.57 runs/game...
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    2022 Patriots in-season news and moves thread

    And the PR unit gets dinged for the (at least two that I can remember) dumb running into punter penalties (against Minnesota and Miami) that led to TDs after the penalty gave them the ball back (albeit in the Miami game, they had to convert 4th and 1). They had another one against the Jets in...
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    The 5 Dumbest Moves in Franchise History

    Thought I had posted this earlier (but maybe bungled trying to do it on my phone), but I'd add (at least as a dishonorable mention): failing to offer Ellis Burks a contract after 1992. (not to mention leaving him exposed in the expansion draft, but I guess that's on the Rockies and Marlins for...
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    The 5 Dumbest Moves in Franchise History

    Was letting Mo go on its own, and in retrospect, that bad? Obviously, he was a popular player and great hitter for the 6 previous seasons. But he only really played 3 more full seasons (injured in the middle), and put up OPS+ of 119, 115, and 114. The replacement at 1B/DH (Daubach/Stanley)...
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    Celebrating what is

    And before the teams would win a championship within 10ish years, each of the three non-Patriots teams would go through at least 2 more coaches after Pitino/Keenan/Jimy, before the coach/manager who would ultimately win that next championship.
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    Thank You X

    He was a good hitter for awhile, but two moments in 2013 for me really stood out. The walk against Scherzer in G6 of the ALCS (later scoring on the Victorino slam) and the game-tying single in the unfortunate G3 of the World Series (not to mention the triple earlier in the game to help get the...
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    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    It is?
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    Hanging out with Andrew Bailey, maybe?
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Handshakes are so 2019.
  14. BuellMiller

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    So the Red Sox just have to wait for 2028 and I guess they’ll be locks for Jeremy Pena?
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I figured it was going to be the TD to Greg McMurty to upset the Oilers, but I guess that technically wasn't a walkoff.
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    14/16* if you count Gary D’s time as coach.
  17. BuellMiller

    Offseason Rumors/News

    Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer say hi.
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    the red seat

    I think Papi hit that one off of Wells
  19. BuellMiller

    Week 1 Pre-Game Thread: Miami

    Early 30 year old safety and ST with zero turnovers or sacks the year before goes to a divisional rival that the Patriots play on the road opening day. Somewhere TJ probably is muttering the Patriots still hate their coach.
  20. BuellMiller

    Expectations for the 2022 Pats

    My spreads may be way off from expected, but I'm thinking something like this: Game Spread at MIA 6 at PIT -4 vs BAL 0 at GB 6 vs DET -7 at CLE -5 vs CHI -9 at NYJ -4 vs IND -3 vs NYJ -10 at MIN 1 vs BUF 2 at ARI 2 at LVR 4 vs CIN 2 vs MIA -3 at BUF 8...