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    10/23: Might As Well Let Us Win Today

    Personally, Boston's approach would drive me crazy. I couldn't go two or three years with a completely unwatchable last place team. I need to see meaningful games, all summer, every year. But that's just me, YMMV.
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    10/23: Might As Well Let Us Win Today

    That's fair, but both of those teams have been serious players for much of the time since the last Yankees WS.
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    10/23: Might As Well Let Us Win Today

    "I'm trying to only make it sound like winning 90+ games isn't some big whooping achievement for this team. We do it basically every year. So do the other top teams. The difference is they win in October and we don't. I get absolutely no extra enjoyment for winning 105 games over 92 and then get...
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    10/14 - ALDS Game 2: Bieber vs. Cortes

    Does this mean, though, that Bieber has no shot at coming back for game 5? Cole should be fully rested.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Mine started doing that last season, and has done it consistently every single game since.
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    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    Correa has to know that not only is this tattoo excuse lame and ridiculous, but no one is ever going to believe a goddamn word uttered by anyone in this organization ever again.
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    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    Tanaka's done nothing in the post-season but pitch well his whole career.
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    ALCS: NY vs. HOU

    If what they're saying about the balls is correct, how they're exhibiting 3 times more drag in the postseason than during the regular season, then Happ is exactly the kind of pitcher who can benefit from this change.
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    2019 ALDS - Twins vs. Yankees - General Gamethread

    I'd be pretty surprised if any Yankee starter is allowed to go three times through the order with all those rested bullpen arms ready to go.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I just got the latest update for my Firestick. Last year's version was utterly unusable. I couldn't go a half inning without it starting the rebuffering routine every 10 seconds. This year I was able to get through the entire game without a hitch. It seems they've done a lot of work on that...
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    All A-Rod talk here

      The NY Daily News ran this story, and buried this in the article:   "He was hardly the only player flummoxed by “Iron Mike,” as Mark Teixeira, Didi Gregorius, Brian McCann...
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    Following former Yankees in 2014

      I feel like I've seen that show before, and I know how it ends.
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    This will be Derek Jeter's final season

      Don't forget that he had a chance to prevent one of those runners from scoring when the bases were cleared, but completely botched the rundown, too.
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    Report: A-Rod banned through 2014?

      No other player on the list of 13 got a 214-game suspension.  Only ARod did.