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    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    Gah. I was just coming to mention him. Ghastly.
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    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Fisk, Nomar, and the fact that Dwight Evans ever appeared in orange and black makes me physically ill.
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    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    Another one I've come to like more after his playing career, but hated him coming to the Red Sox: Dante Bichette.
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    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    YES!!! I'd totally forgotten about how much I hated it at the time. Then I grew to love him.
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    Who will be the next manager?

    Does anyone have insight on why Demarlo Hale is not a major league manager right now? He always seemed to have what it took from the outside, was always mentioned as a possibility, always seemed to be interviewed, but...
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    JD and the opt out

    Re: Betts This, 100%. I will not accept a lowball, but I fully expect them to make him a fair market offer.
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    Red Sox non-star team (since 1975)

    Scott Cooper John Tudor Koji Uehara
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    Red Sox Defensive Gifs

    That didn't hang up for long, either. His jump and read is just incredible. Did they post an exit velocity on that ball?
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    Finn: Red Sox Potentially Changing Radio Broadcast Approach

    I'm probably the only person who doesn't really like McDonough. I caught the part where Bradford was in the booth on Saturday, talking about the marathon. McDonough was ragging on Bradford's physique ("Have you been training?") as well as on everyone else. It all just kind of came off as...
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Seems like a no-brainer to me...
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    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    I'd love to hear Dinosaur Jr. do it, but not necessarily at a game. Oh, hell, why not. I'm seconding J.
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    The Magic Number

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    Red Sox acquire Ian Kinsler

    So I guess Brandon Phillips isn't going to be a part of this?
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    Becoming Dewey

    Amen. But I'd celebrate profusely if he were to enter the Hall.
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    Marrero traded to ARI

    If this is the indication that Brock is healthy to their satisfaction, then I'm on board. Always liked Marrero, but Holt's track record speaks pretty loudly.
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    One Season or Fewer, Your LEAST Favorite Red Sox

    I actually loved Bob Watson as a player, but after going to the Yankees, and then becoming league office gestapo, the good feelings have long-since faded.
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    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Adding nothing to the discussion, but I have to agree. Brilliance.