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  1. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Bill Russell:Legend

    Overall I love the doc but felt it could have used at least one more episode to handle his post basketball life, and extend his career coverage. So much seemed rushed where it could have used a little Ken Burns/Errol Morris type treatment.
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    2020-23 College Hockey thread

    1st time ever we get a Northeastern-Harvard final. Great games tonight, should be a fun final.
  3. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    2020-23 College Hockey thread

    The potential of a never-before-seen NU/Harvard Beanpot final is on the table!
  4. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    1/28 vs LAL

    I was thinking somewhere between Red Sox and Cubs title droughts would suffice.
  5. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    When 59 Year-Old Satchel Paige Threw 3 Innings of 1-Hit Ball Vs. the Sox

    Thanks @Van Everyman for sharing, a great Saturday morning read. Went to the link @Max Power posted above and noticed there was a broken link to the video of Scully telling the story. Some Google magic found 3 minutes of pure baseball heaven. A joy to hear him tell the story, while Adrian...
  6. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Bill Russell:Legend

    Yuuuuuup I can't wait to watch, been expecting it and so exicted it's finally here. My Laker fan aunt who couldn't stop posting about what a hero Kobe was is going to be getting a reminder or ten to watch this.
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    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top: The Man is Non-stop

    In a certain context, it worked with the Knights
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    The First Fenway Park?

    Huntington Avenue Grounds you say? Love these historical reminiscences, thanks for sharing.
  9. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    This has immediately jumped right behind The Day After on WFAN on the best 2004 MFY media meltdown list. And it's a day late, but you can't get enough of it:
  10. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    2022 Semi-Punctual Mathematical Eliminatory

    It's the most wonderful time of the year. Love, love, love your work here, CB.
  11. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Best Red Sox defensive CF

    I'll be waxing about JBJ for the rest of my life. Was a bit too young to appreciate Lynn, but nobody else I've seen comes close.
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    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    I hear your concerns and think they did a good job handling that (with the caveat that they have creative control over the show as well) but the story of the city and team didn't leave one to believe there was a local savior riding into town. In fact, the local owners seem to have been a...
  13. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    I'm up to episode 3 and fully in on the Wrexham experience. Following them in the this season, while the doc is covering last, makes it a bit anticlimactic but the story is great and I'm enjoying it on several levels. The focus on a downtrodden fanbase ("it's like Rudy" the HAG-ette says)...
  14. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    RIP Bill Russell

    Balloons in the rafters all season would be too meta I suppose.
  15. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    World Juniors

    It feels so weird having this in August. Does it give any advantage/disadvantage to a particular team?
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    2022 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    33 point win "not as close as the score indicates", it was much, much worse.
  17. Huntington Avenue Grounds

    Round 1 — Rest of the East

    When was the last time a 33 point was was "not as close as the final score"? Edit: wrong thread!
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    How do you feel about the past 20 years of John Henry and Tom Werner owning the team?

    Hmmmm, would I trade the past 20 years in for those halcyon days of....... - Sitting in a SPRING TRAINING game in Ft Myers listening to MFY fans from 18 to 80 berate me for 6 innings while the scubs from NY took a big lead. (note: said group left, Sox came back and won, and I care WAY too much...
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    12 years Ago Today

    Sure, it's purely emotional and lacks any sane logic or reason - so "sports". What it boils down to is that it wasn't Canada's home ice. If this centered around 2010 in Vancouver, that's cool. Your ice, do what you want; reintern Pierre Trudeau at the blue line, don't care at that point. It...
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    12 years Ago Today

    Great game, ending kinda sucked but didn't bother me much. Get me started on the "Lucky Looney" on the other hand........