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  1. thehitcat

    NCAA Tourney March Madness Day 3 Round of 32 Saturday 3/18 Game Thread

    This is what helps to keep my Duke hate strong. The open rooting for them by the pbp and color guys.
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    2023 AFL Season

    Woo the Roos!!
  3. thehitcat

    2023 AFL Season

    Back when ESPN was new (mid to late eighties) and they were scrounging for late night content my buddy and I started watching AFL and hooked onto the North Melbourne Kangaroos who had twin aboriginal brothers playing for them at the time. Kept up with the side from afar ever since they never...
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    (Approaching the) Trade Deadline Thread

    I didn't realize Schenn had even left the Leaves in the first place. Well home again home again I suppose.
  5. thehitcat

    SEO help for YouTube channel

    Can I ask what the channel is?
  6. thehitcat

    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    My next Football manager save I'm taking over Altrincham, renaming them Manchester Tuesday and will try to pull them out of mid-table National League obscurity and into the Football League where I can attempt to dethrone the "other" Manchester squads whoever they are.
  7. thehitcat

    Bill Belichick and his decision making: Have we learned anything?

    I don't think he made the right choice but you can see the plan and the decision making. He had two people who he thought were excellent coaches. They had both been head coaches as well as handling other position groups etc. in the past. He thought, incorrectly it turns out, that these two...
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    T20, List A, and ODIs, Oh My: The Cricket Thread (No, Not That Kind of Cricket)

    That's 6 he went over the boundary with the ball. No catch. That said I don't know what the umpires said. Hmm they gave him out. Guess that's right by the letter of the law but feels wrong somehow.
  9. thehitcat

    The OC Search

    I can't find the story at present but there was a period of time when a much higher than average number of college captains were being drafted by the Pats. Don't know if that translates to football nerds but maybe it does. Edited for clarity
  10. thehitcat

    Playing with House Money: 2022 Michigan Football

    That was exactly my read. Why wasn't there a statement from Warde. Seemed pretty telling and yes I would assume he's on his way out. Wonder if he was on the other side of the NIL issue which seemed to be the driver here as much as contract was.
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    Flyers @ Bruins

  12. thehitcat

    Leafs @ Bruins

    I fucking love this team.
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    1/6- 1/8: FA Cup & misc game thread

    Yeah I’m sorry that’s not offside. Argentina had one chalked off in the first half against SA that was similar but not this bad where the hand was past and that was the final straw for me. I don’t care if his hand is past the shirt flap of the last man. That’s not giving the attacker an...
  14. thehitcat

    2023 Draft Fits

    Thanks to you both. "worthy of the 14th pick is what I was going for and you gave it to me. Now I have some names to follow.
  15. thehitcat

    2023 Draft Fits

    Question for our gurus. What Left Tackles could be still available at pick #14 and be worthy of taking at that pick? I'm wondering essentially who are the guys I should start watching out for as things like the Senior Bowl and the combine come up. Thanks to you all for the great work here in...
  16. thehitcat

    1/5 - Bruins at Kings

    That's some one man goal scoring momentum!!
  17. thehitcat

    T20, List A, and ODIs, Oh My: The Cricket Thread (No, Not That Kind of Cricket)

    Was just stuck in a hotel in Waco Texas that had Willow TV and I'm hooked again (though I'm more a Test Match, 5 day long, give me a tea break kind of viewer.) Watched 4 Big Bash games, the end of the first Pakistan/New Zealand Test and the beginning of the second. Trying to figure how I can...
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    Red Sox extend Devers—11 years, $332 million

    Pleased as a fan, pleased for Raffy and now ready for Spring! Good job Sox!
  19. thehitcat

    Playing with House Money: 2022 Michigan Football

    I think Michigan’s advantage in the trenches is too much and we run away fro the Frogs in the second half. Let’s Go Blue!