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  1. shepard50

    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    Kelley plays in the Korean Baseball Organization league, where he had a nifty career the last four years, and will continue this year to play for the LG Twins.
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    You can see Jansen, and I have seen others, using the clock in place as they get their sessions in. Link to Jen's tweet
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    Booing Bloom whilst he is trying to articulate the thinking behind the moves of the last few years is not a great moment for Boston sports fans in my opinion. These are facts: The Red Sox are resetting under the tax threshold this year which will have positive implications for them this time...
  4. shepard50

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    The injury required season ending surgery, so we have no idea what the linger term effects may look like. His numbers were really mediocre last year but counterintuitively really good in the three weeks before he decided to have the surgery. (the athletic)
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    2023 Bullpen

    Fair. And thanks, that is helpful. I dug around a bit on fangraphs. His hi leverage numbers were not good last year. And his numbers when the team is shifting behind him are also not good. What would explain that? And would we expect that to mean good things for 2023, where there are no...
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    2023 Bullpen

    Brasier and the Red Sox agreed a 2M salary for next year, avoiding arbitration. What am I missing? He seems completely cooked. He pitched a lot of innings last year, and from what I saw they were not good. We added three very good relievers in the offseason. For the Chaim Bloom Red Sox 2M is...
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    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    There is a lot of interesting and good points in the thread but I don't think we are at all talking about entitlement. Entitlement is what you have a right to, in this case as a Red Sox fan. So, basically, nothing. Or maybe you are entitled to get what you pay for and anything else is...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    Yup, my mistake. BSF: As for whether Bloom deserves credit for the guys whom he drafted, or not, if you can't credit Bloom for the guys he drafted who the hell are you crediting?! He gets blamed for a shitty year. He should get credit for a high draft pick and making the best choice. Detroit...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    Bloom drafted (or IFA signed) 9 of our top 12 1. Mayer: Bloom 2. Casas: DD 3. Rafaela: DD 4. Yorke: Bloom 5. Bleis: Bloom 6. Mata: DD 7. Walter: Bloom 8. Romero: Bloom 9. Jordan: Bloom 10. Anthony: Bloom 11. Murphy: Bloom 12: Lugo: Bloom (edited out a smiley icon error)
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    Sorry, help me to understand: Are you saying the ranking is skewed after getting Mayer? Or are you suggesting in some way that the 2020 low ranking somehow reflected a whole organization tank to acquire the pick? (which sounds unbelievable). Or am I just wholly missing the
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    The Red Sox Farm system has moved up from being ranked 25th in 2020 to 11th in the rankings (Callis et al MLB - Keith Law's is similar I believe). That's a big jump and a huge move towards sustainability and success. And that is up and down the system from my view, though I know we have more...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    I think the biggest city detractor is the racism. It never goes away. The "stick to sports" voices are loud in Boston any time one of our teams acknowledges BLM or Pride or anything having to do with social equality, and it can't just be me who sees it daily on twitter and in the comments...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    Yes, absolutely. Realistically I would have loved one of Rodon, Bassitt, Senga, Anderson... And if you believe the rumour mills we were in on all of them. It looked like the strategy was blending: 1. the sunk cost big contracts (Sale) with 2. the high upside/risk guys (Paxton) and 3. young...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    I'm in the sustained benefit of the doubt camp. He definitely improved the farm system, and steadily. He seems to be able to find some good short term FAs who bounce back/outperform expectations. He has had some misses there as well but, to me, more surprise hits than misses: Renfroe, Kike...
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    So does this mean he would have his heart "restarted" at the hospital? I have a friend who had to have this procedure to arrhythmia, where his heart was beating but erratically, and they stopped and restarted his heart.
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    Unless Damar is awake and stable by now they are not going to play the game, and the sooner they call it the better. They can pick it up tomorrow or the next day.
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    Red Sox sign Corey Kluber

    I don't want to jinx anything but....he should be ready from the get-go. Paxton had completed the Tommy John long rehab all last year, and was pitching in the minors when he got the grade 2 lat tear. That was mid September. It isn't, generally speaking, a serious injury and he has already has 14...
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    Rising Up/Rising Down

    Any thoughts in how the Downs DFA affects Mayer? Would you expect him to get to Worcester faster? Or will they make his growth the priority and not rush him? Boras' recent comments about Bogaerts and the teams's plan made it sound like they feel confident he will make a MLB SS impact sooner than...
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    The Once and Future Catchers

    The pitch clock goes into effect next year at 15 seconds, but with runners on a 'still not generous' 20 seconds. What effect do we think that will have on the steal rate? Would we assume that with less time for pitch calling, there is also less time to implement steal defense play calling? Or is...