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    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Article posing why KC needed to trade him. They had an overload of infielders.
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    Red Sox DFA Jeter Downs to make room on 40 man for Yoshida

    As I explained to another SoSHer on Twitter, I don't expect the current market to stay this way for long. The market tends to expand soon after a CBA, and this is the 1st full offseason since the CBA was signed. Just because other teams are risking the longterm consequences Seattle & LAAA had...
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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    He'll only be playing around a couple weeks before rosters expand to 28 9/1. This strikes me as JD insurance more than anything. Now that waiver wire trades can't happen after today, if JD goes down for any amount of time after Schwarber returns, Cora can still have Schwarber's thump in the...
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    Red Sox acquire Adam Ottavino and RHP prospect Frank German from Yankees for PTBNL

    JBJ is a Boras guy. It's no secret Heyman will say anything Boras wants him to to maximize a player's value.
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    15 Years

    The "Tonight Tonight" clip. Warning, I can only get this to work on a desktop. I watch this once a year, every October 20th.
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    I believe he also later created FiaT for Feces in a Turtleneck. Bob knew about me before any other SoSHer did. He would point out to me during bashes that he saw me post under the same username in the Herald's Sox forum site. I posted there in winter 2002 and that's where I found out about...
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    2018 Cowboys: Turning over the same leaf

    Any word on if Dallas is talking to Gary Barnidge? For those who don't know, he was a TE at Cleveland, had his best years in '15-'16, gave his body a rest in '17 and is now a 32-year-old free agent.
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    2018 Cowboys: Turning over the same leaf

    Apparently they plan to run the ball...a lot. Both TEs they got Saturday are run blockers who hardly ever get any catches.
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    The offseason heading into 2018

    Thank you. To save people a click: Boggs, Barrett, Dopson, Stanton, Wakefield
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    The offseason heading into 2018

    Hard to find with Google. What Red Sox historically have ever won arb besides Betts?
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    MLB 2017 Offseason signings news/rumors

    Not yet, but it's been said they have money to spend and will do so the next couple years.
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    2018 HoF Ballot

    Why do I have a feeling Morris getting in will often be compared to Rice as to lowering the bar?
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    Giancarlo Stanton Traded To Yankees

    You knew that when Sabathia signed.
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    iPhone 8

    For those talking about iOS 11/battery life, I've had the same problem. A friend suggested to do the update and turn off App refresh in the background. I just did it now, so I don't know yet how well this will work.
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    13 years ago today...

    I thought it was, but I wasn't 100% positive. I wondered for years and didn't bother to ask. I've updated it. Thanks.
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    13 years ago today...
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    2017 Penn State Football

    The link is to the Urschel story.
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    Buchholz Traded To Philly For 2B/DH Josh Tobias

    This was the one opportunity to get under the luxury tax threshold, which should make a significant difference under the new CBA. If they can stay under, it's worth it. That's even though it's a guarantee people here will get mad when the Phillies trade Clay at the deadline for a higher value...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2016

    For my 7,777th SoSH post, here's an update on the chance to still have 1 of the 25 in the majors.