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    Noah Song’s baseball fate still In limbo

    Is Dombrowski doing this out of spite alone. Song may or may not develop into something but this seems more spite driven
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    Devers : No talks after season begins (Speier report)

    This is inevitable if we continue trending this way.Out with bloom and in with another Dombo and we then overspend to put butts back on seats and end up with Albatross contracts and Bloom the second back in. Hope Bloom has an actual plan to bring us bacck to the top table. I think most of us...
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    One of two choices: Blow it up or build it back up?

    Cant see how we are not in rebuiild mode. There isnt much out there to move the needle for us. An awful lot of things woudl have to go right for this team to compete. A healthy Sale and Paxton might not even be enough. The deadline last year would have been the time to start making these moves...
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Looks like any signings will be ones we can move on again at the deadline for more assets. We are not in competitive mode. Martin and Jansen if they pitch well might being back a haul from a desparate team. I hope this year we go full in on a rebuild
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    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    I will never be not interested in the team. Have been a fan since the 83 team of Armas, Easler Boggs and Gutierrez. There have been some good ones and bad ones along the way. A few things have not gone the right way for the front office. I dont think they are cheap I think they are trying to...
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Xander should have been done before this but I am glad they didnt match what he got. Think ourselves and the Padres lose with that contract. Only winners is Xander's wallet and Boras
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    It hurts but glad we are not paying that. Keeping flexibilty over the next few years is valuable for when we want to go all in. Xander on that contract is an albatross. I remember Hanly and Panda eating up the payroll (in Panda's case literally). I think we wold quickly regret a long term deal...
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    If he pitches well but we suck then he is at least worth some prospects
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    Hopefully he is not Gagne, former top class reliever on the decline. We shall see Its something anyway
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Its definetly a safer bet to go with the outfield players than the pitchers but problem is If the top of your rotations is full of Rich Hill's and Michael Wachas you are probably not going to win anything. You have to take the gambles on the Sales and De Grom's of this world. We badly read the...
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    Have a feeling we will overpay. There is pressure from letting Betts walk and having Devers unsigned as of yet also. I can see an overpay coming, hopefully not too much of an albatross. The general fanbase will lose their minds if he signs elsewhere and pressure will be on to keep him
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    If he goes will Story shift over to SS and look to fill the 2B spot now?
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    40-man Turnover Prediction Thread

    Whoa what moves are you expecting Houck,Pivetta,Duran all gone??
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    McAdam: Red Sox owners have met with Xander Bogaerts more than once in recent weeks to kickstart contract negotiations.

    At his age and with him already shoing signs of slight regression there is a high potential for this to ba an albatross contract pretty quickly. Devers is the one I would be concentrating on
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    Who plays right field for the Sox in 2023?

    My hometown of Hebron Ct at that. WOuld definetly be rooting for him
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    And on this farm he had some prospects B-L-O-O-M

    Think we are reading too much into it. As stated above they probably knew there is a good chance its his last game. He is not a very good baseball player.They will know that, but hs is a popular guy and wanted to give him a good send off
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    By "Us" he means me
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Would be great but I think the maguire move seems to rule that one out
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    How to get back in this thing

    Think we are off to the trade deadline thread to see who should be leaving for what
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    Something has to give ... but who/what?

    Have to agree with this. Chaim came in during a rough time for the club and has overachieved in what he accomplished last year. I dont think they expected a playoff team last year. We need a reset and I think it will come now after this weekend of results. Need to decide what pieces we keep...