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  1. bosox4283

    UCL/Europa/UCL Game Thread 3/7 - 3/9

    How was Joao Felix? I suspect he has no interest in returning to Atlético, so I hope each good performance drives his price a bit higher or at least doesn’t diminish his value.
  2. bosox4283

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    It feels like the story is that Andy Reid and his coaching staff made the right changes to get their offense rolling in the second half, and the Eagles had no response. The sub-header may be the Eagles’ decision to go with the punter who hadn’t played in like two months — an odd choice, in...
  3. bosox4283

    2022/2023 Manchester City Thread: A very important announcment

    Was there no oversight for a decade? In a like with 20 teams, it’s not like it’s hard to observe who is doing what and when a line may be crossed. I agree with the poster who wrote that the timing suggests something bigger, a more strategic play.
  4. bosox4283

    The way too early January 2023 Transfer Window Thread

    I’m rooting for Joao to succeed at Chelsea, for his sake and so that his value increases and Atleti can recover costs. I’m guessing that Joao will do much better in a flowing system that places more emphasis on creating chances, but I think there will be an adjustment time for Felix to get used...
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    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    I was able to watch Atletico-Barcelona today, and I wish that I hadn't been able to watch. At this point, I have serious doubts about Simeone's ability to fix this time. Sure, the team is not great and has certain flaws, but I have no idea why Simeone approached this match against Barca as if...
  6. bosox4283

    The way too early January 2023 Transfer Window Thread

    I both like this move and don't like this move. In terms of finances, Atletico needs revenue, so the team was a bit forced to sell Cunha (and Atletico will need to sell another player or two to make up for the lost revenue from not making the group stages of the Champions League and not even...
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Who are the two? I don’t follow their closely.
  8. bosox4283

    UCL Group Stage - Match Week 5 (Oct. 25-26)

    What a disappointing Champions League year for Atletico. But it may be for the best. Atleti can point to the lack of Champions League revenue to sell a few players, reinvest these dollars, and use the core of promising young players to give the team a spark next year.
  9. bosox4283

    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    I'm constantly both surprised and confused why there only seem to be like 5-10 coaches who either (1) get opportunities or (2) are good at coaching. It must be much, much harder than I imagine to coach successfully at this level.
  10. bosox4283

    Team Mac or Team Zappe?

    So why did the Patriots draft him?
  11. bosox4283

    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    Hey -- what's going on with this law? I've read things like La Liga will be reduced to 16 teams, that Barcelona and Real Madrid are throwing their weight around, that the other teams are threatening a strike.
  12. bosox4283

    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    Atletico's comfortable and confident win against Sevilla is contrasted with the pathetic and frustrating loss against Bruges. Which Atletico is the real Atleti? Unfortunately, I think the disjointed Atletico is the real one. First, the defensive inconsistency and fragility stems from the fact...
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    Atletico de Madrid, 2022/23: Out with the old, in with the old

    Atletico lost 2-1 against Real Madrid this week in a disappointing fashion. First, a segment of Atletico fans changed racist things directed at Vinicius outside the stadium before the match. While I suppose there will always be people who suck, the lack of a strong response from the team is...
  14. bosox4283

    UCL Group Stage MW 2: The Balls Are Frozen

    Atletico played like Atletico of the last two years, which means offensive inconsistency matched with defensive blunders. Hermoso is just awful, but it is even more frustrating that the club did not sign any additional defenders given how frequently Savic and Gimenez are injured and even more...
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    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    Horrible luck for Sociedad and Sadiq -- he torn his ACL and is out for the season.
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    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Atleti Twitter hates this move -- Reguilon is a lifelong Real Madrid fan, is injured and will be out for a month, and is not viewed as an upgrade over Lodi. I get why Lodi wanted to move -- he wants more minutes in the lead up to the World Cup -- but I wish he had stayed. Lodi, despite his...
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    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    Rumors today that Spurs are going to try to sign Carrasco. What you think?
  18. bosox4283

    Atletico de Madrid, 2022/23: Out with the old, in with the old

    After two matches, it is unclear if which Atletico we'll get this year -- the Atleti from the first match against Getafe with a high press, quick movement up the pitch, and creative play, or the Atleti from the second match against Villarreal when Atletico look disjointed on defense, unsure of...
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    La Liga 2022/23 All Out of Palancas

    Emery got the best of Simeone, or maybe Simeone had one of those matches when he outsmarts himself. Either way, Villarreal were their typical well-organized selves, effectively minimizing Atletico's strengths and finding the right offensive movements and match-ups to create space and...