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  1. Morganwerk

    Sox Extend Barnes; 2 years, $18.75 M

    Jeff Sellers broke his hand changing a flat tire.
  2. Morganwerk

    World Series film on MLB.

    The narrator...seems to have the William Shatner school of...narration.
  3. Morganwerk

    World Series film on MLB.

    Nice way to spend a rainy afternoon here in NorCal.
  4. Morganwerk

    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    Closest I came was E-Rod's bid on September 4, 2016. He lost it with two outs in the eighth. I had bought tickets back in winter 2007 for a September game later that year. Bought a house that summer and money was tight so we sold them on stub hub. Whoever bought them enjoyed Buchholz's no-no.
  5. Morganwerk

    Who is the first Red Sox First Baseman you can remember?

    First I remember reading about and seeing on TV would have been Tony Perez. First I saw in person would have been Stapleton.
  6. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    From Speier's notes: MINOR DETAILS: In Triple A Pawtucket, righthander Justin Haley continued to excel in his re-entry into the Red Sox organization following his return as a Rule 5 selection of the Twins. The righthander set a professional high with 10 strikeouts and walked none over 6 2/3...
  7. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Justin was sent back to the Red Sox by the Twins. Pawtucket will be using him as a starter.
  8. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Justin was left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft and was picked up by the Angels, who traded him to the Padres, who traded him to the Twins.
  9. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Haley made his Pawtucket debut yesterday.
  10. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Looks like they decided to use him as a starter.
  11. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Haley threw three scoreless innings as the PawSox starter yesterday. He ended up with a no decision.
  12. Morganwerk

    JetBlue Questions

    Mrs Morganwerk and I sat in the first row at today's game. It was sunny the whole time. The 3rd row might be better for you, besides the shade there was also a nice breeze.
  13. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley

    Haley was promoted to AA Portland.
  14. Morganwerk

    ESPN to broadcast 8/3/14 Sox-Yanks Sunday Night game from Monster Seats

    KQED, the local PBS station used to broadcast one A's game a year just like that.
  15. Morganwerk

    Away game at Oakland

    Wear your jersey. I'll be wearing one of mine. Taunting from A's fans usually isn't much more than "Red Sox suck," and "go back to Boston."
  16. Morganwerk

    Justin Haley
  17. Morganwerk

    A's to play home games in San Francisco?

    Frisco or San Fran is the equivalent of saying Beantown. You just don't do it. SF if you must shorten it. Ess Eff if you remember the late great Herb Caen... I would be interested to see if A's attendance would increase if they had to move to AT&T.
  18. Morganwerk

    Ballpark P*rn

    Cool Thread! Can't wait to see more.