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  1. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Game 5: Sixers at Boston: Lobster Rolls > Cheese Steaks

    There’s a retro vibe on Celtics threads with some posters arguing like it matters. As it’s the worst thing in the world to be wrong on a message board when it’s fine, really.
  2. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Celtics vs 76ers, Round 2 Discussion

    We need Brad Stevens to coach the rest of the playoffs. I think you just have him call the plays from the booth or whatever.
  3. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Game 4: Celtics@Philly

    Phillies counter by putting all the owners wives in the front row and he’s too turned on to concentrate.
  4. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    And that’s why he’s one of my favorite rookies.
  5. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    I don’t think the times have changed. This is kinda flukey. Meanwhile, how much do we love this guy already? We’re already cranky on his behalf!
  6. Bernard Gilkey baby

    A Time to Worry: Celtics Postseason Concerns

    I wish Tatum’s sneakers had a Celtics green option. Maybe he’s been distracted by that unforced error.
  7. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    I co-sign this idea that Barnes was already practicing Japanese and that’s what made the conversation so difficult. And maybe a little sad?
  8. Bernard Gilkey baby

    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    I’m in. Losing Betts was a legitimate gut punch. But Bogaerts is a different case. We have prospects in the wings for this. And I think we need financial flexibility for pitching. Our farm system hasn’t delivered enough in that department for the Sox to afford both Devers and Xander.
  9. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Kyrie is dirty rotten no good and we have schadenfreude…?

    I’m a non practicing Jewish man who grew up in Boston suburbs. And if i understand the demographic of this board correctly, this means that I’m either you, someone you are married to, or someone you are close friends with… i was thinking about how the phrase “But some of my best friends are...
  10. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    Jaylen can believe anything he wants as long as he's not directly putting hate stuff out there. Unless Jaylen himself is revealed to be Anti-Semitic, I say... Play Ball!
  11. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I’m a baby I just jump on my key pad and poke at it. I write whatever comes out. Sorry in advance! I’m just a baby!
  12. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I’ll tell you something. That really tracks. It’s speculation but that really tracks with what I know about married men in LA. Maybe this guy is just guessing and will end being right. Maybe. Maybe.
  13. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    Is it one of those situations like that movie Secretary with James Spader and Maggie Glyllenhall where their naughty talk evolved into a consensual naughty power dynamic that made the danger and the taboo all the more enticing? Is their initial erotic roleplay now being used against Ime? Or...
  14. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I wonder what they heard Ime Udoka say over the Ring. If he said "Come out, hot married lady! We had sex against your better judgement and I demand we have sex again! This is what helps me plan my basketball!" and then he took out his iPhone and played "Come out Rosalita" by Bruce...
  15. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I don’t agree with SAS’s take because it’s not clear how anyone benefits. He doesn’t really answer the “why” of it. Celtics just want to push out an awesome Black coach because they’re threatened by his powers of seduction in ways they wouldn’t be if he were White? I dunno, man. I think it’s...
  16. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I can’t wait to find out what happened. It’s too juicy to never come out. Everyone who does know looks stricken. And DeJesus Built My Hotrod is right. This has to be a case of intense self sabotage. I know the world doesn’t work like this but I had imagined Ime Udoku didn’t have time for...
  17. Bernard Gilkey baby

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    . I saw that Ringer article and I was thinking, why can’t the writer just admit we all just really really want to know what went down because it’s really interesting. I, for one, am just a gossip who wants to know what happened. Why do we have to pretend we’re noble and we need to know for...
  18. Bernard Gilkey baby

    the yankees will be in 4th place in the east and here why

    I’m still worried about the Orioles. Is it relegation or does a darker fate await them?