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  1. jcaz

    SoSH Golf, 2023

    I'm hoping the SoSH golf team can give me some good advice. I'll be in Worcester on the 4th of July week, playing on the 3rd around Worcester, and on the 6th in Berkshires / southern VT. Around Worcester - anyone been to Red Tail Golf in Devers? Or Pine Hills? In the Berkshires, I know...
  2. jcaz

    Conference Finals

    And now a goaltending change after the stars fall behind by 3.
  3. jcaz

    Conference Finals

    League got that call right. No room for that play in the game.
  4. jcaz

    Round 1, Game 3 - Bruins at Panthers. For Papa Patrice.

    This is super. I was one of the voices for WRPI from ‘94-2000. I mostly did color for hockey and pbp for football. We had an awesome time watching hockey from the Houston field house and around the country.
  5. jcaz

    2023 Masters

    DJ will be looking forward to the guaranteed purses on the Saudi tour after starting round 3 at +4 through 5 holes, including a birdie on 13.
  6. jcaz

    2023 Masters

    If Thomas birdies 18, all the +3 are out. If he pars, he's in with all the +3s. With a bogey or worse, +3s are in, and he's out.
  7. jcaz

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Here's Poitras's game-by-game log for his current team - the Guelph Storm: Guelph Storm – Official site of the Guelph Storm
  8. jcaz

    March NHL Game Thread

    The mighty Pens had 48 SOG last night but were stoned by this guy. Dylan Ferguson making his second NHL start and picking up his first NHL win.
  9. jcaz

    3/19 @ Buffalo

    Hey wiffleball we’ll be a loud group of 11 wearing Bs gear on the 200 level. Looking forward to overcoming the schedule and pummelling the Sabres.
  10. jcaz

    February NHL Game Thread

    Leafs at Vancouver. Game tied 1-1 in the 3rd period. Leafs get a 4 minute power play and promptly give up 2 SHG 44 seconds apart. Leafs lose 4-1.
  11. jcaz

    (Approaching the) Trade Deadline Thread

    To make their acquisitions work, the Leafs gave up extra draft picks to both StL and Minnesota to retain salary. Is this the norm for cap constrained teams? This feels like a loophole that the NHL ought to think about closing.
  12. jcaz

    The NHL's Falling Viewership

    I live in Ontario - in the Toronto viewing area. I still have cable. There is a hockey game on here every night. There is also 30 minute state of the league shows that air before these games. If the Leafs aren't playing, I'll typically get another Canadian team, but I sometimes get the Bs if...
  13. jcaz

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    I was looking for tickets for the Bs in Buffalo. The resale market was stupid expensive. I called the group sales and was able to buy 10 at face value and then sell the extras. Might be worth looking into that rather than getting beat up by ticketmaster.
  14. jcaz

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Quick tally to put this season's performance to date in perspective. Here are the league leaders in points as of January 9 for the last 10 years. The Bruins are best at 1.70 points per game; next best is the 15-16 Capitals at 1.59.
  15. jcaz

    12/9 - Bruins are hosted by the Coyotes

    The NHL is a laughingstock playing in this building. When we arrived they couldn’t read electronic tickets so we all had to wait in line to confirm our seats. Between periods we tried to walk around the mezzanine but they have Coors zone that you can’t enter so we had to walk all the way back...
  16. jcaz

    12/9 - Bruins are hosted by the Coyotes

    Will be in the building tonight. Couldn't be more excited to see the NHL in a tiny venue. Win.
  17. jcaz

    2022-23 Bs Ticket Thread

    Anybody have a line on road tickets? Will be in Phoenix for the Bs game in the cozy confines of Mullett Arena. Online sales - stubhub or ticketmaster - start at $200+ per seat. Can pay that, but hoping not to... Thanks!
  18. jcaz

    Probably a very simple Excel question

    Bump. I need some help. I have what should be a simple problem - I can draw the results I want by hand, but can't make excel do the job. I have a data set that describes the frequency of interactions between two groups; the data are integers ranging from 0 [no interactions] to 4 [very...
  19. jcaz

    Wifi and plaster walls

    Got it. Thanks. So, if I were to put both adapters on the same circuit, I wouldn't see an improvement? And when I do the speed tests, it reports 30Mbps as "fast, able to handle multiple devices streaming HD or ..." 30Mbps is good, yes?
  20. jcaz

    Wifi and plaster walls

    So, finally got around to setting this up. Setup was ridiculously easy. Instructions say that the two adapters have to be plugged in on the same circuit. I tried that first and got great performance 200+Mbps downloads and 30 Mbps upload speeds. I then moved the adapter to where we need it...