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    Alex Speier leaving WEEI for The Globe

    I subscribed upon seeing the link above a few weeks ago and this is just excellent. It's become appointment reading at lunchtime every day.
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    Home Theater PC

    I appreciate all the useful information, and this looks like a project that can certainly grow legs in a big way, but I'm still wondering what gets me in the game with an off the shelf desktop box. So far the only pre-built solution that I've heard that can handle transcoding is the Mac Mini...
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    Home Theater PC

    My home laptop is on the way out, and with 95% of what used to be my computer time now being taken up by the iPad, I'd like to look at a small desktop as my next PC purchase. It's not an absolute must, but I would like to go with a very small form factor. My primary use of the machine will be...
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    HR and Verducci are out at FOX, Smoltz is in.

    Towards the end of the game they were discussing Tanaka's transition to the USA involving becoming used to pitching on less rest, experiencing more travel, etc. Harold chimed in with "Yeah, Japan is a lot smaller, he didn't have to travel all over the country there"
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    Powerline wired connections

    I've had good luck in the past using a DECA which is the same situation but over coax. Directv makes these for their whole home dvr service, but they also work great for standard networking and produce 100mbps speed. You'll need one powered hub where your modem or router sits that connects to a...
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    Mut and Merloni

    I think you'd struggle to find anyone that would give up a solid, safe job at NESN to go work at WEEI right now.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Anyone getting network errors on the ps3? It downloaded the software update but won't initialize. Do I need to delete last year's app?
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Jailbreak your ipad and install the app at the link below from Cydia. This has worked for me in the past.