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  1. Cousin Walter

    2023 NFL Coaching Carousel

    Gunther Cunningham of the Chiefs was HC and later coordinator.
  2. Cousin Walter

    2023 QB Carousel

    Doesn't Rodgers hate McCarthy? I know Rodgers hates everybody anyway. Hard to know for sure but I thought that bridge was burned.
  3. Cousin Walter

    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC

    Can someone explain to what extent Bill O'Brien "worked" with Mac Jones? BOB was fired by HOU midway through 2020, which was Mac's last season at Alabama. From what I found, BOB became the Alabama OC on 1/21/21, which is after the college football season. What kind of relationship is there?
  4. Cousin Walter

    2023 QB Carousel

    Adalius Thomas signed with the Pats a year before Harbaugh was a Ravens coach. Otherwise, well made point.
  5. Cousin Walter

    NFL: News and transactions

    I've never understood the all-or-nothing approach to premium sports league packages. If I live in Chicago, I have to shell out hundreds of dollars just to watch the Pats games that I could watch for free if I lived in Cranston. I don't give a shit about being able to watch Cardinals or Seahawks...
  6. Cousin Walter

    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    I would still like to know what the plan was at QB for 2020 after Brady left. Hoyer and Stidham were the only QBs on the roster (other than, I think, some undrafted FA for a bit). They didn't sign Newton until June, so that was certainly not somebody they knew in April they could sign for...
  7. Cousin Walter

    DC AG files collusion lawsuit against Commanders, Goodell and the NFL

    IANAL but how does the District have standing for a team that plays in Maryland?
  8. Cousin Walter

    Dolphins Tampering thread, loss of 2 picks and Ross suspended

    The Pats didn't "game the system" in this case. They made a draft-day trade with the 49ers for a 2008 pick that ended up being in the top 10. Five months later they had a pick taken for Spygate and the NFL didn't like the optics of the Pats still having a top 10 pick.
  9. Cousin Walter

    2022 NFL Schedule Thread

    In 2000, they played Tampa Bay in the final preseason game and then played them a week or so later to start the season. Also, they have played the Giants and Eagles in every preseason I can recall, so every four years when they play those teams it happens.
  10. Cousin Walter

    Pats 2022 draft class

    He took reps during training camp that prevented the team from getting a better look at other guys. And a sixth-round pick probably takes up marginally more cap space than a street/UDFA. It's a small but nonzero waste of resources.
  11. Cousin Walter

    Pats 2022 draft class

    All I'm saying is there is opportunity cost to consider. You shouldn't get credit for drafting well if a guy just clogs up your roster only to be cut and go start for another team.
  12. Cousin Walter

    Pats 2022 draft class

    What good is evaluating a player well if there is no value added? Take Ted Larsen, a center drafted by the Pats in the sixth round in 2010. He didn't even make the team out of training camp but went on to have a decent enough career. Yes, he was properly identified but he took reps and a roster...
  13. Cousin Walter

    Florio: Pash ordered PSI readings “expunged” in 2015

    "All game ball information will be recorded on the Referee’s Report, which must be submitted to the League office by noon on the day following the game."
  14. Cousin Walter

    2022 coaching carousel

    Good overall post but Grier was gone before the 2001 draft when they picked Seymour and Light (and Kenyatta Jones, Arther Love, and Jabari Holloway (the poor man's Arther Love)).
  15. Cousin Walter

    John Madden has passed away

    Is Belichick not in the union or does he just have a separate likeness licensing agreement? I seem to recall Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds were in their respective unions but excluded themselves from being licensed in the games, being that they were superstars who could command higher prices...
  16. Cousin Walter

    2021 MVP watch

    J.J. Watt had a monster season in 2014 -- he even had 3 TDs on offense in a Mike Vrabel role -- and helped Houston to a 9-7 record. He didn't get the MVP and I don't think a defensive player ever will again.
  17. Cousin Walter

    Best Patriots Regular Season Win under BB

    I don't think anyone has mentioned the David Patten game against the Colts in 2001: 2 TDs receiving, 1 TD rushing, 1 TD pass. Just shows all the ways that team found to win.