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    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    Jones and Newton can actually run the same RPO offense with minor adjustments. Jones ran a heavy RPO offense last year at Alabama with similarities to the Pats with Newton. I think the common misconception is Jones would run a Brady like offense but he actually doesn't fit this stlye. See the...
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    Pats QB Options

    Seeing the trades yesterday, I really think the best option is not to force the issue and move up for the 5th best QB. At 15, there is a good chance someone like Slater from Northwestern might drop. OT is a big future need with Wynn 5th yr option most likely not picked up and Brown on one year...
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    2020 Pats: Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    Fournette on prove it deal would be a great low risk, high reward patriot move. Do you think this could result in trading Sony? Not sure if they can get anything for him.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    I think they want to build their Sunday football brand. Agree he doesn't add to their gambling angle however barstool isn't just about gambling (well a lot of it is but not all of it). not sure if it is a benefit but interesting.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Dion Sanders is joining barstool. Contracted ended with NFL network and making the move. Interested to seeing how he will fit in since they are primarily podcast and website.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Why in the world would Big Cat want to leave Barstool for ESPN / Disney or any other media outlet? One major difference between Barstool and other media outlets, he can openly disagree with his leaders, such as Portnoy, with no concern about being censored. On top of it, Barstool has probably...
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    The Mallett, Hoyer, Cassel, Zolak, Tebow thread: Who's the New Number 2?

    First, completely agree with other post that he plays a completely different offense. Second, why would the Patriots want that headache for a backup QB? Seriously, daily players would be asked about it. It is a distraction!! Organization isnt gutless but smart. Kap is going to win you a...
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    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    Kind of feel like this is completing a video game trade...throwing in useless asset to make AI GM agree.
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    PawSox now looking at sites in Pawtucket

      I grew near McCoy and have fond memories of watching many afternoon games in the summer with my grandfather however a Providence location would be a better option.  McCoy is not a good location for a stadium and makes more sense in the revitalized downtown.  I am looking forward to the new...
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    Yoan Moncada signs with Red Sox($30 Million)

    Regarding the reaction on NYY Fans Forum makes this signing even more special.  
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    The future at 3rd

    Why dont the Red Sox just make a run at Jung-ho Kang? Scouting report states he has a strong arm and good fielder but average to slightly below average range at SS.  Agents says he is willing to move to 3B if needed.  I think he is going to come over with a chip on his shoulder.  Big power...
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    Having some fun with play money

    Read an article today in the Herald about trading for Heyward...
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    New HDTV

    Looking at a new HDTV for my refinished downstairs.  Plan on going plasma and looking at the Samsung PN60F5300 series.  Dont need 3D or smart (using apple tv) just a good tv at a good price.   I found a website called that has a bunch of TVs ridiculously cheap with free shipping...
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    Roku 3

    Only negative with Roku is Comcast blocks HBO Go app.  Very annoyed.  Dont have option to switch to Verizon Fios because it is not available in my area.
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    Hot Stove Wishes

      I think this is a great point about Stanton and they concern about trading for him.  You will need to trade a number top prospects (probably 2-3 best pitching prospects) if you plan on holding onto Bogaerts. Then, you will need to throw a ton of cash to keep him long term.  Are they not better...
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    4G Android phone megathread

    Looking at making the switch from iPhone to Android.  Bought a Nexus 7 last year and really enjoy the Android experience.  Main use is for work, email and apps centered on travel.  I am on Verizon mainly due to the nation wide service since I travel around the US for work.  Right now, leaning...
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    Hot Stove Wishes

    Reading thru the post I can't understand a few things: 1. Why would we even consider Choo? We lose a pick, will have to overpay due to Boras and will not play a key defensive position (don't see him playing CF for RedSox). Yes, he is better thhan Nava but is for the price he will demand it is...
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    4G Android phone megathread

    Anyone interested in Moto X announcement tomorrow?  Hoping for an subsidized price of $350 for this phone.  Wonder how Google / Motorola will make this phone standout from others.  Also, hope Verizon does not bog down the phone with their stupid bloatware.
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    The Pebble

    I think this is the major hurdle for color display. To be honest, the monchrome display works fine for a watch since it is an accessory for your full color display phone. Please provide us a review with you get your pebble. I believe they will be shipping in a few weeks.