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  1. BC1994

    Posting tweets

    Same here. Using Firefox and AdBlock. Disabled security settings for both on SoSH and retried but still doesn't work. I do have LastPass, but can't see what they are suggesting is the issue (not being a member of VolNation- ha). Just started the last couple days.
  2. BC1994

    Looking for a multi purpose Laptop for my year as VFW State Commander. Budget $600ish

    Sure you know this, and maybe someone mentioned it, but don’t forget what I assume is your sales tax exemption! Thanks for your service!
  3. BC1994

    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    I thought "Rocco's log" was actually about something Celtics related, as I don't remember him ever even commenting on anything except the NBA. I may be wrong, though...
  4. BC1994

    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    The Sheik has seen enough. View:
  5. BC1994

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Yeah- sorry, I edited my original post, but it was probably while you were responding. I have tried other inputs (though I guess not all of them), and they didn't work either.
  6. BC1994

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Rather than start a new thread, as this seems to be the de facto TV conversation, I had a tech question. About 2 weeks ago, we purchased a 50 inch TCL 5 series. Liked it a lot at the price for what we ask of it- no complaints. However, beginning about a week ago, when turning on the tv, it...
  7. BC1994

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
  8. BC1994

    iPhone 8

    Thanks for the responses. I have had a few iPhones through Verizon over the years, so this is just a phone upgrade, not a whole new account...
  9. BC1994

    iPhone 8

    Anyone know what credit report is pulled through the Apple store when going to get a new phone (service through Verizon)? Froze all our accounts when the Equifax thing happened, now realizing that will need to check my credit, I would think. Did some googling, but thought someone else might...
  10. BC1994

    WiFi Issue

    Changed the router to channel 11 (from channel 6) and now it works! Thanks!
  11. BC1994

    WiFi Issue

    In sake of full disclosure, I am not tech savvy in the least and may well be missing something obvious. I have looked on the web and haven't found anything that helped, so turn my lonely eyes to SoSH. The players: 2 year old Asus laptop. Nothing great, but have not had any hardware issues...
  12. BC1994

    RIP Yogi Berra

    His AFLAC commercial was also great.  I must have seen that about 400 times during the 1-2 seasons it ran on NESN during Sox games...
  13. BC1994

    Getting Rid of a Leased Modem

    What if one has phone service through Comcast?  This all-in-one modem, router, phone thing keeps losing signals, keeps losing internet, etc.  I forget the exact model number...   I know, I know... landlines are for geezers... 
  14. BC1994

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Also not to leap to defend them, but I heard it as Chief Wahoo (interesting juxtaposition there) did.
  15. BC1994

    iPhone App Thread

    Anyone use any of the MBTA bus tracker apps that they would recommend? I had been using "OpenMBTA" for about a month, but the last couple of days it isn't picking up realtime bus location data... Or do these break down once in a while?
  16. BC1994

    iPhone App Thread

    Thanks all!
  17. BC1994

    iPhone App Thread

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a very simple app for checking scores in real time on games (major sports and college)? I don't need anything fancy (I don't particularly care about "watching" a game online), but just want to see what the score is. I see there is an ESPN one, but don't...
  18. BC1994

    Spyware 201

    Well, it isn't a fully replicable problem, and it isn't a huge deal to begin with. I googled it, and it seemed to be a semi-common thing and one connecting factor was avast. Some said if you shut avast down, then it doesn't happen, but i do like Avast and it isn't a huge deal, like i said...
  19. BC1994

    Spyware 201

    Having an issue in Vista Home Premium, with Avast running.... Often the Control Panel or Windows Explorer hang up and won't load. Have googled it, and seems to be a driver thing, and something to do with Avast? Any insight?
  20. BC1994

    Spyware 201

    Receiving my new Dell Inspiron laptop today w/Vista Home Premium. Core 2 Duo 6400 and 4 MB RAM. I have read through this thread (and other computer threads) and was wondering if I could have some up-to-date suggestions on "best practices"/programs to start the computer off right (I probably...