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  1. DominicJD

    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    When I went to see Pedro's induction in 2015 I booked with a tour company -- worked out well; they arranged lodging in Albany, transportation to/from Cooperstown, some swag and designated seating at the ceremony. Made it pretty painless.
  2. DominicJD

    "Who the hell is that guy?": a guide to Red Sox pitching depth in spring training

    I had a "who the hell is that guy" moment tonight watching Kevin Lenik "close-out" the 9th...
  3. DominicJD

    help- the kids have stolen my chargers. too many devices!!

    We tend to lose cables in my family. But my strategy seems to work ok: At home I have 2 base charger stands: one for tablets, one for phones. The tablet one has a mix of lighting and micro-usb cables, the phone one is all lightning cables. Each kid has 2 multi-port chargers (usually 2 ports) -...
  4. DominicJD

    Cool / Unique 2018 WS Merch

    Take my money please!!!! Aside from the officially licensed items at the MLB shop, anyone find anything unique or interesting? One oddity -- I thought the blue jerseys worn in Game 5 looked cool and wanted to get one with World Series patch. But they don't appear to be for sale at MLB. You can...
  5. DominicJD

    We're halfway through the season

    Personally, I hate the unbalanced schedule & inter-league play anyway, so I'd be in favor. I'm tired of playing half our games against only 4 teams and having basically a 50% chance of turning on the TV and only seeing Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays or Rays. I'd even be fine with 2 divisions and...
  6. DominicJD

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    I had to replace my old 65” Mitsu DLP back in February and went with the Sony XBR 930. Very happy with it. My older setup ran everything through my AV receiver using HDMI 1.3 — to handle the new 4K Apple TV I replaced my receiver and bought HDMI cables rated for 2.0 Apple auto-upgrades...
  7. DominicJD


    Did anyone watch the NESN VR broadcasts of the Red Sox games this week? What gear did you use? What did you think of it? They made it sound like it was better than most VR experiences (less dizzyness, etc.). Curious if anyone tried it.
  8. DominicJD

    Opening night plans

    I splurged for a room at the renaissance by the stadium - had to book it months ago.
  9. DominicJD

    Opening night plans

    Bumping this -- arriving into Boston around 10:30am; haven't decided if I'm going to attend the kickoff concert.
  10. DominicJD

    Opening night plans

    Would love to hear what everyone's plans are for opening night. I decided to splurge this year and will be flying in to attend the game with the missus. Was able to score a room onsite, and am curious about the best pre-game activities, tailgates, etc. Have heard mixed reviews of Smerlas'...
  11. DominicJD

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Just signed up for the single team option, and since I'm working on master's degree online / night school I used my "student discount" as well -- total came out to about $55! I figure I'll upgrade to the full option if I feel like it later. But if you can, try to take advantage of the student or...
  12. DominicJD

    Saving Baseball - Considering Dramatic Restructuring of the Game

    I'm interested in the perspective on whether or not baseball is "regional" or not. Personally, I believe that MLB is trying to become less "regional" by emphasizing and marketing player stars over teams, and using inter-league play to broaden appeal of those stars. I think this emphasis makes...
  13. DominicJD

    NFL Playoff Predictions '16

    What I think will happen: AFC Chiefs over Texans Bengals over Steelers -- not convinced the Steelers are all that good. Patriots over Bengals Chiefs over Broncos Patriots over Chiefs NFC Seahawks over Vikings Packers over Redskins Seahawks over Cardinals Panthers over Packers Panthers over...
  14. DominicJD

    NFL Week 10 Game Thread

    Wow, compare the Bengals injury situation to the Pats: Only Den, Mia, Min and STL have had better "injury luck" than the Bengals -- while only Was, NYG and CLE have had worse "injury luck" than...
  15. DominicJD

    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    At NBA City, CityWalk, Orlando FL with my family in full gear. Normally I'd watch at home but this vacation to Universal was planned back in September. I'm usually a nervous wreck, a stander and someone who can't watch 3rd downs. Working on achieving a zen that appreciates the fact that 30 other...
  16. DominicJD

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    So, parsing the NFL statement that "under-inflated footballs" were used in the first half, and then "properly inflated" for the second half and "remained properly inflated" at the conclusion of the game, isn't it possible that the Colts submitted game time balls at 13.5 while the Pats submitted...