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  1. MtPleasant Paul

    Tilt: Game Over

    Maybe he can find his place in the nether regions of some pitching staff. That Tampa Bay was reduced to picking up Jake Diekman is a parable about the shallowness of MLB pitching these days. Unfortunately the Sox don't have much available in the farm system. I thought that Walter and Mata...
  2. MtPleasant Paul

    Young, scrappy and hungry: when does Hamilton get his shot?

    One thing to consider about Hamilton is his relative lack of experience even though he is 25. He missed his senior year at Texas in 2019 and, of course, lost 2020 to the pandemic although he spent some time with an independent league team. He began his minor league career in 2021. He has about...
  3. MtPleasant Paul

    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    After listening to Bloom my guess is that Barnes will be traded for some minor league filler to a team which will assume two or three mill of his contract while the Red Sox eat the rest. He and Taylor will be replaced by a Worcester. shuttle of Crawford, Winckowski, Mata and Walter.
  4. MtPleasant Paul

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Why so? His father Raul Mondesi had a long history of outbursts culminating with one egregious episode with Joe Torre and was sentenced to prison on corruption charges after he went into Dominican politics. Don't want to ascribe the sins of the father to him, but is there smoke here? Do you...
  5. MtPleasant Paul

    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    According to Cot's contracts the Red Sox CB tax payroll at year end 2022 was $236,150,000. In the championship year 2018 it was $239,481,000. John's still spending. And what's this about the 2022 playoff run not counting? John's comment that players cost money is somewhat brain dead. He has...
  6. MtPleasant Paul

    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    I add my voice to this chorus of approval of the deal with these random thoughts. Essentially Duvall replaces Tommy Pham who goes to the Mets whose offer Duvall rejected because he could expect more playing time with the Sox. Obviously we need one more infield piece. I like Iglesias but...
  7. MtPleasant Paul

    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    This is the constant refrain of the Bloomophobes. In fact, he roster he inherited was not the 108 win team of 2018 but the 84 win team of 2019. He also inherited huge debits to two pitchers who would deliver almost nada over the next three years - Chris Sales' new $145,000,000 contract and the...
  8. MtPleasant Paul

    Trevor Story had surgery on his right UCL and is expected to miss time

    Let me hesitantly suggest David Hamilton, acquired in the Renfroe trade, as a fill-in at second. He's the guy who stole 70 bases last year at Portland with a 90% success rate. That's probably why the Sox protected him in the Rule 5 draft. He is athletic but is not highly regarded as a hitter or...
  9. MtPleasant Paul

    RIP Bill Campbell

    Bill Campbell was one helluva significant guy in the history of major league baseball and the Red Sox. I inquired with Bill Newlin a few months ago about doing his bio with the SABR project but was told that it was in the works. Campbell was the third free agent in modern baseball history...
  10. MtPleasant Paul

    Red Sox extend Devers—11 years, $332 million

    Because English is the basic language of the fan base. Speaking it in public will help Raffie connect with fans who want to know him better. I think most of us would be really happy if he read s statement or spoke a few words in English when he appears at the signing ceremony. Masataka...
  11. MtPleasant Paul

    Red Sox extend Devers—11 years, $332 million

    I approve of this contract. You want more?. Well, I hope Raffy speaks English when he is introduced to the media.
  12. MtPleasant Paul

    Let’s sign a starting pitcher!

    That sounds to me like a very thin rotation, especially given Whitlock's, Houck's and Mata's recent injury histories. And Houck belongs in the bullpen given the thinness there. Even with Sale and the remoter possibility of Paxton they need another starter. After a string on one year deals Wacha...
  13. MtPleasant Paul

    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    I think maybe Houck slides into the starting rotation. He, Whitlock and Bello give us some youth there. They may have decided there is more value in signing relief pitchers than to pay the current extortionate prices for starters
  14. MtPleasant Paul

    In Chaim Do You Trust?

    In evaluating Bloom, it might be helpful to compare the Sox and the Astros on the day four years ago when the Red Sox won the World Series. Both teams were comparable then although the Sox were clearly better. In the intervening four years the Astros have won three American League pennants and...
  15. MtPleasant Paul

    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    A simpler, less pretentious word would have been better. I think I was trying to show that I am a bright person.
  16. MtPleasant Paul

    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    Big omission. Speaking of Rhode Island baseball, Yogi played for the Providence Firesafes at Cranston Stadium in the then semi-pro New England League. When he came back from the European Theater (and a role in the D-Day invasion) he was stationed at the submarine base in Groton, Connecticut. He...
  17. MtPleasant Paul

    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    And Rizzuto, Lazzeri, Crosetti, and Raschi. Back in the 50's in Rhode Island with its large Italian population, the Yankees winning all the time and the Red Sox declining, it honestly felt to me that one third of the fans were Yankee supporters. This gradually changed in the 60's as the...
  18. MtPleasant Paul

    His Royal Chaimness or Will the Bloom Come Off the Rose?

    It usually takes more than four years to produce "results." Look at the people they are counting on for 2023 and the years they signed: Triston Casas (2018), Brayan Bello (2017), Ceddane Rafaela maybe (2017), Bryan Mata (2016). Mayer should be here within your four year window, but let's have...
  19. MtPleasant Paul

    His Royal Chaimness or Will the Bloom Come Off the Rose?

    We already have a "clear plan and ascendant sense," and no, 2023 is not necessarily pivotal. This year was a disappointment primarily because of injuries. Do we fire Bloom if this possibly happens again next year? It takes a long time to evaluate a GM's work which consists of many things but...
  20. MtPleasant Paul

    What does 2023 look like?

    Go back to the fact-challenged Bloom haters in the comments section of the Boston Globe's Red Sox site.