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  1. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    So I keep telling myself the missed penalty call just balances out the bullshit at the end of the Southampton game and they got the 5 points they deserved out of those three games.
  2. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs New Manager Poll

    Should we add Kompany? I really admired him as a player, despite playing for a team I despise. Other than the fact that we would constantly live in fear of him leaving when Pep departs City, I'm seeing a candidate who meets many of the things we are supposedly looking for in a manager. View...
  3. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs New Manager Poll

    Call me nostalgic or silly, but I want a manager who gives a shit about Spurs and doesn't think the job is beneath him, like the last two guys did. Poch is that guy, though I could get happy about a Nagelsmann hiring real quick.
  4. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    The answer at manager is real easy: - Bring Dad back, sooner rather than later, unless he wants to wait till June and see his protege Mason get some more run -Unless that's not what Kane wants, and then bring in that guy.
  5. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    This is my preferred COA. Start Kane on the bench and plan on him & Danjuma coming on in the second half. Let Richarlison play in his natural position where he has had the most career success for club & country.
  6. Gunfighter 09

    Non-UCL 2/15 - 2/20 Game Thread - Starting with a clash at the top of the EPL

    Spurs didn't spend $50M on Porro for him to play right wing back, they paid $50 for Porro's presence to fix Emerson Royal.
  7. Gunfighter 09

    UFC 2020

    Blanchfield is going to be a star. Bring on the Bullet. I was really impressed by how she took the back, sunk the choke and stayed balanced on the back without hooks despite being the longer / taller fighter. The way she kept adjusting the choke with her hands / arms, while her lower body kept...
  8. Gunfighter 09

    UFC 2020

    I've been of the thought that Blanchfield is going to be a huge star for a while now, but this is a real test for her. I am really excited to see her deal with a striker with real power and see how effective her grappling is against someone who will probably be physically stronger than her.
  9. Gunfighter 09

    CFB 2022 Bowls Week 3: Final Four

    Well, this was wildly inaccurate. This kind of annoying Trojan arrogance was really not on display in the stadium yesterday. They seemed to understand that even though this was a disappointing destination for SC fans, this meant everything to us. It was a really good vibe. It wouldn't, LSU...
  10. Gunfighter 09

    CFB 2022 Week 14: Conference Championships

    As a 1998 Tulane Alum, most of my friends think this feels better. Especially with Willy Fritz seemingly choosing to stay, when Tommy Bowden abandoned us in 98. 1998 Shaun King was as good as it gets for College QBs.
  11. Gunfighter 09

    CFB 2022 Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK

    The 98 undefeated team will always be special to us, but I think this the best Tulane team in my lifetime. This team plays with such heart and toughness. They are really easy to like. I just really hope we don't wind up with the gimmick bowl match up against LSU.
  12. Gunfighter 09

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Choosing Ferreira over Pepi seems all the more crazy to me considering the profile of the center backs we are going to see from Wales & England. Does Ferreira come up to McGuire, Stones or Diers collar line? Rodon and Davies will also tower over him.
  13. Gunfighter 09

    2022-23 Europa League: Bumbling Towards Budapest

    Face surgery for Sonny. Damn. Have to think this means missing at least part of the world cup. I get it that a month or so off for Son is probably good for Spurs, but I’m really sad for him. He’s the heart of that team and representing his country clearly means a great deal to him...
  14. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    That was awesome. The twitter rumors are a fractured orbital for Son. KDB was playing again with a mask after 18 days with a similar injury. Other guys have been out for months. Seeing how he was in the post game locker room celebrations (looking terrible), I assume it is closer to a KDB...
  15. Gunfighter 09

    UCL Week 6 - Qualification for Europa is at stake!

    The half time crew just covered it, Sess ushered it out and the Spurs players thought it was a goal kick, then the ref let OM take the corner quick while half o the Spurs team were standing around doing nothing. .
  16. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    I respect the heart and character of this team… but FFS Antonio, if today wasn’t the day to play Spence over Royal, what day is? Perhaps giving us Gil in an PL match meant there was no way he could also play Spence.
  17. Gunfighter 09

    UCL Group Stage - Match Week 5 (Oct. 25-26)

    Can someone explain to me why they need to draw a subjective (in where they place it) fake line when they can just judge off of the front of the 6 yard line? How can anything "clear and obvious" take 4.5 minutes of video arts & crafts to determine? If Offside calls that decide matches are...
  18. Gunfighter 09

    Week 5 Gamethread

    What was wrong with the throw? It landed at the 22 yard line on the left hash, 2-3 seconds after the collision which occurred at the 42ish yard line, where Adams already had a step on his man. If Renfrow runs the route correctly it's a long gain. If the Adams catch is reviewed properly this...
  19. Gunfighter 09

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Am I missing something?
  20. Gunfighter 09

    Spurs 22/23: So, do we have a manager?

    I think this is right. I believe the closest thing to a solution is that if/when Romero gets hurt / suspended again, Longlet might need to play in the middle of the back three rather than Dier or Spence/Doherty might need to play on the right wing rather than Emerson. Watching West Hamm force...