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  1. RhaegarTharen

    NCAA Basketball Final Four Game Thread

    I had the KenPom ratings downloaded from prior to the tourney (I use them for a work draft pool). UConn was ranked #4 overall in the final pre-tournament rankings (note - he does another ranking that gives who has the best odds to win, which takes regional matchups into account - I think he...
  2. RhaegarTharen

    Pats reportedly trade for Cordarrelle Patterson

    Cordarrelle is certainly no Randy Moss - but the last time we picked a former Vikings 1st round WR from the Raiders who everyone thought was washed up for little to nothing seemed to work out ok :fonz:
  3. RhaegarTharen

    2017 Champions League Knockout stage

    Alaba has been creating great space with his runs, but every time he tries to cross or shoot he looks terrible. Also - Ronaldo with terrible decision making on that 2v1. As a fullback, that's exactly what you want a guy to do in that situation - hesitate & be indecisive.
  4. RhaegarTharen

    2016 Minnesota Vikings - Go Gophers! Or Something.

    Yeah, their O-Line is shit. They weren't great even before they lost both starting tackles. The Defense is good enough that Norv was able to scheme up a way for Bradford to game-manage when given a lead, but the Eagles blew that up by basically showing that the o-line has little ability to...
  5. RhaegarTharen

    Euro 16 gamethread

    A Song of Ice(land) and Fire(d)....
  6. RhaegarTharen

    On The Clock at #3. Time To Go on Record.

    I voted Bender, but I'd be fine with Dunn or Brown as well. I couldn't care less if Bender isn't ready to help for the next year (or even two) - I want anybody drafted at 3 overall to have a chance to be a key player for the team for the next decade. This goes doubly so for the Celtics this...
  7. RhaegarTharen

    NFL best players by Uni number (per Mitchell & Ness)

        I think Irvin over Page is a bigger "upset".      Looking over the list - there's a decent number of Vikings on there.  Somehow this does not console me very much.  
  8. RhaegarTharen

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Wasn't there initial reports about the NFLPA/Brady wanting to keep the record sealed, not the NFL?  Looks like Kessler expressly requested the Transcripts be released DURING the appeal, and the NFL shot him down.     Edit:  I took a screenshot of the pages from the report but I cant seem to get...
  9. RhaegarTharen

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Am I crazy for hoping that Brady's Samsung phone was actually broken - legit broken, and therefore that was why he chose to "destroy" it, and Goddell/NFL really fucked up by implying that is "normal" procedure is to destroy old phones IMMEDIATELY, as opposed to destroying them before he throws...
  10. RhaegarTharen

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      I'm not sure there's any specific thing they could have done to preempt one of the points, so much as if they thought the NFL would have reacted this way, I think there's a lot they would have done differently.  Hindsight is 20/20 and all that - but at some point you have to question the...
  11. RhaegarTharen

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    My biggest concern is that it appears that the NFLPA/the Pats/Brady and his team have underestimated the NFL at every turn.    - They first underestimated the level of importance the League would assign to such a meaningless controversy.   - They next underestimated the level to which the League...
  12. RhaegarTharen

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Regarding the timing of a ruling - are we in territory where if the appeal is decided too quickly, the full court case could play out before the start of the season?  I'm wondering if Roger might be thinking that if the court rules against the NFL mid-season, it will be talked about for a week...
  13. RhaegarTharen

    NFL Ends Tax-Exempt Status

      I think this is primarily about getting ahead of any negative optics related to the Tax-Exempt status.  Things like the Concussion Settlement and the organizations poor record with player fines etc gain significantly more bad press when paired with the notion of the League as a TE...
  14. RhaegarTharen

    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

    I could be way off base here from a legal standpoint; and maybe the Jury have received instructions/information to the contrary (or maybe they have a different opinion) - but if I was on the Jury I'd look at Joint Venture in the following way.     1) Was Odin Lloyd Murdered?   2) Were Hernandez...
  15. RhaegarTharen

    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

    After reading the above comments, I've actually started to believe the prosecution did a better job w/ Shayanna than I originally thought.  I've gotten most of my updates from this thread, but I did listen in to her testimony for a while yesterday, and my thinking now is that the prosecution is...
  16. RhaegarTharen

    Would you let your son play football?

    No kids yet, but I saw plenty of injuries on a soccer field or basketball court during my time in HS that makes me think singling football out is slightly myopic.     For me the biggest factors on answering Yes/Yes/No Change were a) the question said HS - I agree anything beyond that is where...
  17. RhaegarTharen

    2015 Bills: Go Rex Go

    I'm sure the picks involved are mostly worthless; but that's fine with me.  I'd take the proverbial bag of (foot)balls.   Guessing Vikings get a 5th and send back a 7th. 
  18. RhaegarTharen

    Adrian Peterson News & Football related discussion

    As much as I love(d) watching him suit up in purple (before) - shipping him out of town for picks would be very beneficial to the franchise on several levels.  I've personally been bemoaning the limbo area the team has been stuck in for a few years now - not good enough to compete for a real...
  19. RhaegarTharen

    This Could Be Us But You Playing: Who missed out that you most feel for?

    Probably obvious; but definitely Moss for me.  He was probably my favorite player for most of a decade.  Having him show up in NE for a record breaking 2007 that ended w/ a ring would have been at least 4 or 5 years of Madden franchises come to life for me.  
  20. RhaegarTharen

    2015 Seahawks: Our offense doesnt need Lynch, Graham or Rawls

      Sorry - probably not the best phrasing, I more accurately should have replaced scheme with style.  Never having played football, I'm not qualified enough to judge whether their "schemes" qualify as "aggressive"; but I would certainly label their playing "style" such - would you not?  With the...