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  1. Mugsy’s Walk-Off Bunt

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Sign DeAndre, trade DeVante for a 6th, WIN SUPER BOWL.
  2. Mugsy’s Walk-Off Bunt

    2023 Pats: Post Your Final Draft Grade

    SMU–Sox (and other draftniks), Can you tell us the key differences between Demario Douglas and previous year UDFA small jitterbug receivers like, say, that Sean Riley kid from Syracuse a few years back? He (and others) seemed small but speedy and dynamic. What makes DD stand out from him/them?
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    Way Too Early 2023 Season Prediction

    Mac and the offense racked up a lot of numbers in a number of games against crappy competition in 2021. The offense struggled a bit when facing actual good competition. Even with McDaniels in his ear. I'm hoping the team improves due to OC and OL coach, too, but he needs to be...
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    Round 6 • Pick 10 (187) • WR Kayshon Boutte

    Yeah, I’m not sure. But I did hear analysts other than Lazar say the same thing.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    The worst possible thing. I am so, so sorry.
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    Pick 15 (46) • EDGE Keion White

    Apologies. Thought only the first round pick had a thread. Mods, please delete.
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    Round 7 • Pick 28 (245) • CB Isaiah Bolden

    Evan Lazar's view on the final Patriots pick of the 2023 draft, another speedy CB/ST type. From The Patriots rounded out their draft class with another size-speed cornerback prospect with enticing physical tools but are raw when it comes to the finer details of the position...
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    Round 6 • Pick 37 (214) • DB Ameer Speed

    Evan Lazar had this to say on about this blazing CB/ST guy out of Michigan State: Speed lived up to his last name at the Michigan State Pro Day with a 4.33-second 40-yard dash at 6-3, 209 pounds. Speed is an athletic size-speed specimen who was a core special teamer for the...
  9. Mugsy’s Walk-Off Bunt

    Round 6 • Pick 33 (210) • WR Demario Douglas's Evan Lazar happy about this small school, speedy little wideout, too: The Patriots won me over with the sixth-rounders at wide receivers, especially Douglas. After an in-person viewing at the Shrine Bowl, Douglas's vertical burst with 4.44-second speed and fluidity through his...
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    Round 6 • Pick 15 (192) • P Bryce Baringer

    Weigh in with your thoughts. Here are Evan Lazar's from New England has two new specialists on their roster with the selection of the consensus top punter in the sixth round. Baringer led the nation in net punting and had several 60-plus yards punts last season. Sometimes, he...
  11. Mugsy’s Walk-Off Bunt

    Round 6 • Pick 10 (187) • WR Kayshon Boutte

    Lazar is very excited. The Patriots took a chance on a boom-or-bust prospect in Boutte, who would've been in the top 50 conversation a year ago. Boutte's dicey finish to his collegiate career, middling production, and lackluster combine (4.99 RAS out of ten, 4.5s 40) pushed him...
  12. Mugsy’s Walk-Off Bunt

    Round 5 • Pick 9 (144) • G Atonio Mafi

    Lazar on Yup, another wide-bodied guard in the middle rounds. Mafi is my favorite of the three interior linemen the Pats selected on day three, with an in-person look at the Shrine Bowl. He's another player, like Mapu, who wasn't invited to the combine. He's also another prospect...
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    Round 4 • Pick 15 (117) • G Sidy Sow

    Evan Lazar on this pick, courtesy of The Patriots love themselves a jumbo-sized power-blocking guard prospect, with Sow as the latest road grader to join the program. Sow needs a ton of development from a mental standpoint. He struggles to diagnose moving parts after the snap and...
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    Round 4 • Pick 10 (112) • K Chad Ryland's Evan Lazar weighs in: The Patriots are the first team since the Raiders in 2000 to draft a punter and kicker in the same draft. It's not surprising to see the Pats select a kicker. After the 49ers selected Shrine Bowl MVP Jake Moody at the end of the third round, New England...
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    Round 4 • Pick 5 (107) • C Jake Andrews

    Evan Lazar on weighs in: The Patriots taking a center prospect at some point isn't surprising, but it's earlier and, of course, a different center prospect than we anticipated. New England decided to go with another Senior Bowl center in Andrews, who has 37 career starters at...
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    Pats Round 3 Pick #76: S Marte "Silent Assassin" Mapu

    Lazar's take from The pick growing on me the most is the FCS linebacker and Senior Bowl standout from Sacramento State. We've been clamoring for a new-age linebacker with explosive closing burst and coverage upside, which describes Mapu to a tee. Mapu has a nasty downhill trigger...
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    Pick 15 (46) • EDGE Keion White

    Lazar on this pick at White is a toolsy power rusher with an elite athletic profile (9.92 RAS) and above-average length to create problems with his explosive upper-body power. The Georgia Tech product isn't a bendy, turn-the-corner rusher with a noticeable first step. He's a linear...
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    The future is so's the 2023 Pats Draft Contest!

    I think his name is Georgia OL BUST same-last-name-as-Brandon.
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    The future is so's the 2023 Pats Draft Contest!

    Sorry, meant to include my list for the contest. In no particular order: Christian Gonzalez Keion White Marte Mapu Jake Andrews Chad Ryland Sidy Sow Atonio Mafi Kayshon Boutte Bryce Baringer Demario Douglas Ameer Speed And Someone Else WHAT DO I WIN?