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  1. milfordsoxfan

    AppleTV Announces Deal For Friday Night MLB Games

    I'm bumping this thread because I stumbled upon something awesome: 13 seasons of This Week in Baseball are available on Apple TV+. I had no idea this was available anywhere. Goes back to the late 70s. I am watching one from September '89 right now. I watched TWiB religiously growing up, so...
  2. milfordsoxfan

    Patriots-Bills Discussion

    The loss of Davis and Beasley definitely hurts Buffalo, but I think it is sort of irrelevant. I think they lose whether or not those guys are on the field. I'm a Bills fan, and the following is all just based on my observations from watching the games and the stuff I read on the Athletic. The...
  3. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 13

    In my estimation, yes. They all seem to fit somewhat differently (for my ears). I hated the OG AirPods - did not work for me, and were returned. The AirPod Pros are a better fit for me than the originals, but I needed to get foam tip pieces to make them nest more comfortably in my ear. I...
  4. milfordsoxfan

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Eric Gagne pitched 18 innings for the 2007 team. I don't remember why the bullpen needed to be bolstered, but I do remember being semi-excited he might reclaim past glory. He didn't.
  5. milfordsoxfan

    iPad buying advice

    I happened to snag the 2020 (non M1 chip) Pro 11" on a sale from Best Buy yesterday. It was between that and the Air 4 - the price difference was only $50 after a store credit. This thing is soooooooooo much faster than the ~2016 9.7" one I have. I didn't realize the old one was slow until I...
  6. milfordsoxfan

    Home Office Desktop Computer - What do I need?

    When you set it up like this, are you able to use the Windows version of Excel because you're logging into your Windows machine? Those new M1 Macbooks are pretty appealing, but the last time I checked Excel was missing features on Mac for reasons that I presume to be petty and annoying. This...
  7. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    Were I you, I'd either go 12 or 12 Pro (or Pro Max if you like that size). By 2023, 5G may be viable depending upon where you live. I have a 12 (non-pro) and have never turned on the 5G which doesn't exist in CT, but I think that might be a reason to get it over the 11 Pro if you're looking...
  8. milfordsoxfan

    NFL: News and transactions

    I don't think the Bills can pay him all that much either. They're relatively close to the cap. They already lost Matt Milano to free agency, who leaves a big gap in the defense. There are some potential cuts they can make along the interior d-line to save some money. My understanding is that...
  9. milfordsoxfan

    Apple Watch Recommendations

    I believe the 6 has a newer chip than the SE. It's the S6 vs the S5. I don't know exactly what the difference is, but wanted to note it. I got the 40mm version of the 6, when I measured my wrist circumference to figure out the band size it was about 7 1/8". I think the 44 would be a little...
  10. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    Generally speaking, do you (or anyone else who has an Apple Watch and might read this) find the watch to be useful outside fitness/health tracking capabilities? I've been pondering getting one, but it seems like it excels at fitness tracking, which I don't need. I do like the idea of not...
  11. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    I went ahead and ordered this one from Anker. There's also a single port one for $5 cheaper: Anker makes good products. I trust them not to catch on fire. I don't think it matters which variant of iPhone you get for the quick...
  12. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    That didn't cross my mind, but I would think you could absolutely do that. Do they make tempered glass that fits the back of phones? I've only ever put screen protectors on the front of them.
  13. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    On a whim I picked up the regular 12 with 128gb today. Needed something to distract myself from everything. It's blue, which is kind of cool, but it lives in a case. I got gouged for $50 for a phone case from Apple, but because I'm on the fence about keeping this thing, I wanted to put a case...
  14. milfordsoxfan

    Spotify Alternatives

    Yeah, no mapping to the CSVs at all. Just an extraordinarily obnoxious thing for Google to do. The CSV for a particular song is not even in the same folder as the song, in most cases. Using that tool, some stuff has some tagging, and some stuff is completely lacking in tags. It looks like a...
  15. milfordsoxfan

    Spotify Alternatives

    Thank you - I will take a look at this tool. The weird thing is that the meta-data for each song appears to have been dumped into a random corresponding CSV file. Here is a view of what the inside of one of these zip files looks like: If I open that particular CSV file, the information...
  16. milfordsoxfan

    Spotify Alternatives

    Honestly, I do not know. I transferred it to YTM, but as you note, YTM's interface is complete garbage. Particularly in the car. Google has failed me so many times now that I have no real hope that they will improve the product. There's a GPM subreddit where people are exploring...
  17. milfordsoxfan

    Spotify Alternatives

    If you're considering YTM, and have no experience with Google Play Music, you'll probably think it is fine. If you're a casual user, you'll also think it is fine. That said, many of us who were forced to switch from GPM to YTM are profoundly pissed at how shitty it is compared to GPM. I...
  18. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    It appears the embargo on YouTube reviews got lifted yesterday. I was disappointed to see reports of less battery life than the previous gen. The pricing difference (at full retail) between the 12 and the 12 Pro when you upgrade the 12 from 64 to 128gb is like $100. Yet the review seem to...
  19. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    To me, no, but I think it's probably personal preference. I don't love the idea of Apple being able to recognize my face, but if I'm being honest, a whole bunch of entities can probably already identify me by my facial features. The privacy genie has been out of the bottle for years, and it's...
  20. milfordsoxfan

    iPhone 12

    I hate the lack of a fingerprint reader, but I'm not holding out hope for it to return, and like you, I can't/don't want to wait til 2021 to see if it does. That they put USB-C on the newer iPads and didn't implement it here also annoys me. If you buy from the Apple store, I assume you get...