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    Round 1 - Florida

    Absolutely a possibility. My guess was between that or possibly something with his groin but since there's been no real evidence or further injury post-game, I am leaning more towards being gassed now.
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    Round 1, Game 4 - Bruins at Panthers.

    I'm on board with this. As nice as it would be, I don't want to see either of them until Round 2... unless it's game 7. I'd consider Krejci in a possible game 6 but I want Bergeron as healthy as possible going forward.
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    Round 1 - Florida

    He did look a bit uncomfortable after the 2nd FLA goal.
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    Is everyone getting more Gmail Spam?

    I got slammed with this a year or 2 ago. After checking the email headers I found that almost all of the spam emails were originating or at least passing through AWS servers so I started forwarding every single one to the three AWS abuse email addresses I could find and also reporting every...
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    MLB sets up local media group, could broadcast 17 teams

    Good question. I didn't factor that in. Admittedly, there wasn't a ton of thought put into the base pricing. I started with a simple $1 per game and then scaled in $1 increments from there to price the other tiers. Now that I looked and reminded myself that offers a single team package...
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    MLB sets up local media group, could broadcast 17 teams

    I'd be curious how a tiered subscription model would be received by the MLB fan base. I'd probably pay above the current MLB.TV cost if it meant I could actually stream in-market games legally. I don't watch enough out of market games regularly anymore to justify the cost of the product as it's...
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    Silver Dollar - The Official 2022-23 NBA Betting Thread!

    Is that a purple tint or just dark from the lid being nearly shut? Purple did briefly lock on my offshore book about 20 minutes ago.
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    Issues with ESPN+ Bruins blackouts and VPN

    What device are you running the VPN and trying to watch on? Some providers will utilize the device's Location Services while others use the Billing Address for your account. I've never used ESPN+ but I've had mixed results with and NordVPN on a desktop. As LogansDad mentioned, it seems...
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    Clippers unveiling new direct-to-consumer viewing option (Clippervision)

    I'm not a fan of the placement for the probability being in a big box that pops up in the middle of the screen. If they were to drop that info into the scorebug or corner of the screen somewhere I'd be okay with it.
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    Recommend me a VPN

    +1 for NordVPN.
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    2022 Schedule Thread

    I just got in and an seeing only scattered singles and a couple of pairs in G3 and G4 that popped up for a few seconds. I was in a few days ago during another presale and had a similar selection available.
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    Seeking Info: Old Red Fan Forum Message Boards Circa 2001-2006 Time Frames

    I was active on the old Fan Forum. That was a loooong time ago.
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    Red Sox hire analytics company to optimize game start times in 2023

    As an out-of-stater, I would definitely welcome earlier start times for weekend games. Weekend games are really the only option for me unless I want to leave work early the day of and go in late/take the following day off in order to attend. For anyone in Central VT (like me) or beyond that...
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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    2021 spray chart:
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Running dogs still kicking? I was active on dailymile a while back, and eventually stopped updating my runs there and I never even knew it went away until recently. Just joined the Strava SoSH group (Jeff S.) and I'm working on manually inserting my runs since I started back up again this past...
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    So Pasta scores on this powerplay, right? Edit: I'll take the assist!
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    iPhone 12

    Currently using an iPhone 7 but I'm considering moving up to the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro. The mini would be smaller than my 7 and I'm pretty comfortable with that size so I'm hoping a slight increase in size won't bother me too much.
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    July/August game thread

    Fox Sports has a virtual crowd for today's Cubs game. Can be seen in the clip below. View:
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    2019-2020 Bruins

    I think they went with narrower seats to be able to add 1-2 per row in some spots. The new seats, also from what I've read, seem to be a bit more "reclined" which reduces the leg room in the row behind.