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  1. trekfan55

    Following Former Red Sox 2023

    Where is Jay Groome now? That was crappy prospect law with a high pick. TINSTAAPP
  2. trekfan55

    Last Day of May -- Reds

    Rays coming to tiwn for 4 games. I have a bad feeling about this
  3. trekfan55

    Noah Song’s baseball fate still In limbo

    If memory serves, Adam Stern needed to serve a full season in the Major League roster. So the time he spent on the DL did not count and he had to spend part of the next season in the big league club before he was officially a Red Sox and was immediately optioned. Have the rules changed? If...
  4. trekfan55

    May MLB News

    Wait so is Don Orsillo available? But seriously this is not good. The game needs better.
  5. trekfan55

    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    Well, that was…. Something
  6. trekfan55

    Peacock to exclusively stream a playoff game

    I got the Black Friday deal and that's ongoing. Will read through the fine print and see if I can get this one moving forward.
  7. trekfan55

    NFL: News and transactions

    This is crazy and out there but would Hopkins be willing to go to the 9ers? I don’t think they have the room, but they have the weapons and the great defense plus stable management.
  8. trekfan55

    5-27-23 Sox in the Desert v2

    Was disconneted for 2 days. So happy to post this twice when coming back in.
  9. trekfan55

    5/24 The Question Was Asked

    One good baserunning play, one terrible baserunning play
  10. trekfan55

    Corey Kluber moving to the Bullpen on Friday

    Well, Sale was not ready, Bello was injured, Paxton was not close to ready. And so on. Kluber has a decent Spring Training but there is a reason he was annoited opening day starter.
  11. trekfan55

    5/23 Angels

    Bad BABIP luck for Devers.
  12. trekfan55

    5/22 - Win it for Me

    We need a game thread for today too people. (I started one recently so protocol says I cannot)
  13. trekfan55

    NFL: News and transactions

    The NFL has become a TV product. While attending an NFL game is fun, that is not what they are looking for now and like people have said here, those seats will get sold anyways. As a matter of fact, most of the seats bough by fans who make travel plans late in the season come from a secondary...
  14. trekfan55

    5/22 - Win it for Me

    The Angels scored one run on fielder's choice and one on a leadoff HR. That's good pitching. Crawford also stranded a leadoff double. The fact that they let a reliever who started a bullpen game go 5 innings and twice through the order is much more significant.
  15. trekfan55

    5/22 - Win it for Me

    Yeah this is fun.
  16. trekfan55

    5/22 - Win it for Me

    And I just learned Barria is from Panama. From the broadcast. Seems there are a few in MLB but not much attention is paid to that since Mariano Rivera retired. Second time through. Let’s go guys.
  17. trekfan55

    RIP Jim Brown

    Agreed. I think the point is that when someone like that passes away, we can all appreciate how they were a great athlete, or in this case quite possibly the greatest, and not say that he was anything else. As examples, can we say Woody Allen made great movies? Can we say OJ Simpson was a...
  18. trekfan55

    NFL: News and transactions

    So this 3rd QB can act like a backup if either QB is injured and cannot return. This mostly comes from the NFCCG when Purdy was out and Johnson was useless. This rule is all well and good but there are 32 starting QBs in the NFL and each have a backup. How many serviceable NFL QBs are there...
  19. trekfan55

    RIP Jim Brown

    There is no way to get around this. The man ruled the sport, and like many others here, I am truly sorry I did not get to see him play. I know this post is not about football but the guy was just a dominant athlete. But we have to reconcile that with this. The guy was complicated to say the...