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  1. KiltedFool

    My 40 year old HP 12 C passed away this week

    Minor flashback with some hazy memory, when I was preparing to take the EIT and PE license exams, the review course strongly encouraged getting an HP that could do RPN, so I snagged an HP 48 GX and learned to use it. Took and passed the exam. The next exam cycle they banned the HP I had used I...
  2. KiltedFool

    MLB Wide What are you Looking Forward to in 2023?

    I'm a Guardians fan, and with their limited power output last year, their offensive style seems to be particularly suited to the new rules, they may really run wild in the new environment. And I'll love seeing catchers back pick baserunners, it's been decades since I've thrown a baseball with...
  3. KiltedFool

    Franco Harris dies

    As a kid in south central PA, Franco was an icon. At one point when I was something like 8 years old, my older brother did a bike a thon of some sort, and if you cleared a certain threshold you got your picture taken with Franco. My brother doubled the threshold, so I had a pic of me with...
  4. KiltedFool

    Week 6 Gamethread

    Pitt decimated by injuries coming in, down most of the starting secondary, have lost Ogunjobi and Cole so far
  5. KiltedFool

    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Someone mentioned upthread Naylor looked like hell at the plate. Turns out he’s a little gimpy, he was visibly hobbling in game 2 and woke up sore . He was moved from 1B to DH to avoid a lot of the lateral movement playing defense. Owen Miller usually covers 1B in his place but they put Arias...
  6. KiltedFool

    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Crap I’m not going to be able to go to a bar to watch this, I have to help my son with homework. Cable less so now I’m stuck with game day unless I can find a feed.
  7. KiltedFool

    Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2

    Stuck on game day without a stream, but did McKenzie just throw an immaculate inning?
  8. KiltedFool

    Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2

    Crud, I thought I had a channel package that included ESPN so I could watch this one, but apparently I was mistaken. May have to do some digging, don’t want to drop $35 for sling for effectively a handful of games.
  9. KiltedFool

    2022 WC Round Gamethread Day 1 (use separate threads for rest of weekend)

    Appears that this is the first time Clase has pitched more than 1.0 IP this season, though he did go 1.1-2.0 in 3 appearances last year. Good argument to be made that this is a good time to verify he can do it. Playoff Tito is back in play.
  10. KiltedFool

    Week 4 Game Thread

    Jets open the second half with a 3 and out, Steelers almost lose a fumbled punt, and now Kenny Pickett is making his debut.
  11. KiltedFool

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Bob Wickman claimed his sinker was much more effective because he was missing the tip of his index finger, having got it sliced in a fan as a child.
  12. KiltedFool

    Watson to Cleveland

    Yeah reminiscent of my discomfort with Roethlisberger over the years. Even the mildest version of the accusations meant that the QB for my team was a douche rocket. Not an easy thing.
  13. KiltedFool

    Bill Belichick and the Drafting of Wide Receivers

    Steelers have had a reputation for being able to consistently reload at WR for a good while now, thought I'd take a quick look from data gathered here: Bold type and links are from the other site, generally bold is the noteworthy names, though I notice some errors on the site (holmes was...
  14. KiltedFool

    Interpersonal player battles/bullying

    They wrote a generic email to cover their own ass because if they made too specific a denial they risk someone coming out and contradicting it, or even someone having it on their phone. Or they may (justifiably) be afraid if they vehemently deny and then you spring the voice activated recorder...
  15. KiltedFool

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    Victor. One of my favorite players for a long long time. I was a catcher when I played, and I've always gravitated to the tools of ignorance as a result. Back when I was more active here, I would occasionally offer what limited insights I had from my time behind the plate or offer my insights...
  16. KiltedFool

    Green Fields of the Mind

    Sixteen years, couple thousand posts, met one other SoSHer in person in that time. Generally don't post unless I have something to say. This is my 10th post this year, so yeah not much to say. Is what it is, I'm not local to many here and focus is elsewhere. I do enjoy the Green Fields...
  17. KiltedFool

    NFL: News and transactions

    Update: Decision to have the surgery has been made, surgery hasn't happened yet. See below View: Clarification: #Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster is having surgery, source said, but the surgery has not happened yet. It will, but it...
  18. KiltedFool

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    The Steelers fans do travel well, but one hidden big portion of that is a shitload of Steelers fans moved out of the Pittsburgh area in the 80s when the town was in an economic crunch due to manufacturing downturn. Google Pittsburgh diaspora. So a really rabid fanbase had a lot of people...
  19. KiltedFool

    Unusual plays

    It's pretty clear in the link soxhop posted above that the call was made pretty quickly, go to about 1:36 in the video. View:
  20. KiltedFool

    Unusual plays

    And a big part of the umpire's responsibility in the scenario is to make the call timely, the sooner the better, and he did that. With some of the defensive shifts I could see more non-intuitive infield fly calls where an infielder is stationed in the shallow outfield moving forward.