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  1. Joe D Reid

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Put the ball in the hole.
  2. Joe D Reid

    Silver Dollar - The Official 2022-23 NBA Betting Thread!

    I am the furthest thing from a sharp here, but given what we’ve heard, Brogdan u/9.5 seemed roughly akin to me u/0.5 tonight.
  3. Joe D Reid

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    The "Dear God, we can't let our broadcast partners go 8 days without a game" whistle ought to be in full effect tonight.
  4. Joe D Reid

    5/20 Penultimate Match Thread

    This the the first multi-“Tell Me Ma Me Ma” season at SJP for decades. The club may well tip into PSG villainy this offseason, but this team was an absolute delight. Willock for England, Joelinton for Brazil, Continued Employment for Longstaff.
  5. Joe D Reid

    Champions League - Semi-finals 1st Leg

    Kroos really half-assed his pinch in to cover the defender pressing up on the man with the ball.
  6. Joe D Reid

    Game 7: Knowing More Than Who Our Parents Were

    You can’t spell “Well it’s got a lot of culture” without four L’s.
  7. Joe D Reid

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    They held them to 43 in each half. The Celtics can shit fully down their legs and still win if the number to beat is 86.
  8. Joe D Reid

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    I’ve made my English brother-in-law into a C’s fan. We’ve never been able to watch a game together, even on TV, but will be able to on Sunday if they just extend this. The poor bastard grew up a Newcastle fan, at least give him this.
  9. Joe D Reid

    5/7/2023 Boston @ Philadelphia

    I have the scientifically correct post prepared for afterward.
  10. Joe D Reid

    MW May 6-8: God save the King, we mean it maaaannn

    They’re running him in the Derby later too, I hear.
  11. Joe D Reid

    5/5/2023 Boston @ Philadelphia

    We're five wins in three days away from helping Philly become the single most actively peeved sports city in the known universe. They secretly like it that way. Everybody wins.
  12. Joe D Reid

    5/3/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    This year felt like maybe it was going to be a sludgefart, but it's been fun. Keep being fun.
  13. Joe D Reid

    Round 1 - Florida

    This was the most consequential decision the team had to make this postseason and they botched it. Stuff like the Forbort/Gryz and Foligno/Frederic decisions can be fixed and the mistake confined to the past. But it sure seems like they've broken Ullmark, and I'm not sure whether that particular...
  14. Joe D Reid

    4/29-5/4: Bank Holiday and Rearranged Fixtures

    I'd love to know the preseason odds on them finishing as the worst Prem club in London.
  15. Joe D Reid

    2023 NFL Draft Official Game Thread (This is the thread WITH SPOILERS)

    All true, although I'm happy to see KC's genuinely great but basically empty train station get used for something.
  16. Joe D Reid

    04/26 - 04/28 Midweek Game Thread

    It's getting harder to see how Newcastle don't end up in the Champions' League next year. Eight points up on Villa with a game in hand, 9 points up on Liverpool, and the last 6 fixtures include Leeds, Southampton, and Leicester. It will be *really* interesting to see what they do this summer...
  17. Joe D Reid

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    It's amazing that we have access to as much as we do, but these videos don't capture the vibe of big comebacks because they leave out all the misses.
  18. Joe D Reid

    4/25 - G5 vs. Hawks

    Trae is definitely taking 30 shots tonight. I'm fine with it.
  19. Joe D Reid

    4/21-4/23 Weekend Thread

    I sat down to watch 5 minutes late and the match was over. Murphy hasn’t scored 2 goals in 7 minutes since U-10s.