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    NFL: News and transactions

    If guys are using the in building WiFi for their phones it's very easy to block specific sites/IP addresses. Using cellphone data for the apps doesn't solve this problem, but WiFi is really easy to control this, which as a parent of teenagers, is great. Also, I am sure the players are on a...
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    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    NFL owners really want Snyder gone:
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    I think it probably depends on 1. If Mayo doesn't bolt for greener pastures before the shine comes off. 2. Is the defense performing well, despite poor records? 3. Does RKK subscribe to the BB model of better to cut bait a year early than a year too late?
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    2022-23 Bruins Season

    I didn't know Swayman was a rock climber, this makes me like him even more.
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    I hadn't seen/heard this before and Curren could be making shit up, but BB is pissed at Mac for going outside the organization for help running the offense last year and Hoyer was let go in part because he also was not on board with the offensive "planning" and "coaching". (Quotation marks are...
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    Portable Monitor(s) for Laptop

    I do web content management/editing/strategy so having as multiple monitors is a necessity. I bought this ARZOPA 15.6" one mostly based on price and reviews. I use regularly and when I get a new home office set up, I will add it to my two monitor system. It is not even remotely fancy or special...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I loathe pseudo-science BS (I work in public health and used to be a vaccine safety researcher, so that's where I am coming from), but I have used sensory deprivation tanks before and they've helped me relax and made thinking more clear for me. Though it's generally for an hour at a time, not 4...
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    Would you want Brady back?

    I'm on the fence. If the Pats did sign TB12, do they keep Mac? It would be selling super low, but see what you can get for Mac, trade him, use the pick for roster building (mid-rounds OL?). I also kind of feel like the Brady ship has sailed for me, so I am probably 51/49% no/yes.
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    Playoff Rooting Interests

    There are only three possibilities for teams I would root for: Buffalo Pro - so close, so many times, batshit crazy fanbase, good story with Hamlin, smart roster construction/drafting, and I, for the most part, like McDermott Con - Division rivals, batshit crazy fanbase Cincinnati Pro - Long...
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    This a 1000 times. I had to use CPR on a neighbor who collapsed at the park one day. He didn't make it, but the number of people who couldn't/didn't know what to do was staggering. It's heartbreaking to be with a guy trying to save him while his family watches.
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    The Blame Game: Pick the Single Biggest Issue With the Offense

    This is 100% a result of BB's decision making. Everything flows from the top down. He drafts and signs players, hires and assigns coaches. There are exactly three people who thought Patricia and Judge could coach offense and a subunit each, BB, Patricia, and Judge. I could squint and see Matty P...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I don't see Snyder talking to the Washington Post about anything. It would be nice to see Snyder start telling people where the skeletons are buried, but even the WaPo is a step too far for him.
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    Bye Week reset

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    Jack Easterby Longread

    The wins keep coming, even after Sunday! He had no place being as high up in the org, meddling with things he had no expertise in, and then leaking stuff to the media. Good riddance.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 6 @ Cleveland

    Anyone see Wise on this play? He tosses a Cleveland OL (Conklin?)
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    It looks like one one guy, Kenny Robinson, was involved in both incidents with Wilkerson, including standing over him after he was hurt and Rhule was not pleased.
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    Rob Gronkowski retires (for the second time)

    I obviously wanted Gronk to be a Patriot for life, but his personality didn't jive with BB the way Edelman's did (look up the stories of Edelman's dad coaching him through childhood and you can understand why Julian and BB worked well together) and it was a bummer to see him in a TB uni, but in...
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    Patriots are bringing back the Pat Patriot uniform/helmet

    I make this point pretty much 2x a year when we start the old Pat Patriot vs Flying Elvis fight. It's not necessarily the Flying Elvis that I hate, it's the silver fucking helmet. Seriously consider these photoshops and tell me they're not 100% better than the silver helmet:
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    SI reporter and 49ers player feud

    He and everyone involved wishes he was half as talented and nice as Jim Rome. And maybe Kinlaw can be the Chris, er Jim Everett to Cohn's Rome.
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    SI reporter and 49ers player feud

    SI 49ers beat "reporter" Grant Cohn, who is well known in the SF area for his combative "reporting" style that includes personal attacks, trolling, and demeaning, particularly towards draftees he considers busts. He's spent the last couple seasons going after Javon Kinlaw, whom he did not want...