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  1. I12XU

    2017 Gronk: Mojo Gronk

    I think that, or something very close to it, was in Gronk's book; it was written by one of their friends helping to throw Dan's bachelor party in Vegas, and circulated among all the guys, there were blurbs for the other guys attending as well.
  2. I12XU

    Pats FA Watch: LGBT Back on a 1-year Deal

    Why does everyone hate Cannon? Was it yesterday? Was it this season? Does he suck as a guard? Is he overpaid?
  3. I12XU

    NFC Championship: Cardinals vs. Panthers

    The airport is closed today, who knows about tomorrow. They should've left yesterday.
  4. I12XU

    Watching the Jones: Dazed & Confused

    Skosh, from the Japanese sukoshi.
  5. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    This is not against Guyer though, it's for the sellers repackaging Chinese hGH as FDA approved. I don't think the DEA goes after docs much at all, and if they do they likely look more up the supply chain--think of the docs as street dealers.
  6. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    That's not backtracking, that's pointing out that Peyton suing Al Jazeera is not going to happen since it was all direct from the horse's mouth.
  7. I12XU

    Brady vs. Manning: Media Comparison Discussion Thread

    The spouse HIPPA shield was being put in place on day 1 of any Manning hGH program; I think any athlete begins PED use building a defense should allegations be made. From the day weeks ago Al Jazeera called Peyton's camp seeking comment on the story, Peyton has been bolstering his defense by...
  8. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Page back or so, link to Huff Post has AJ transcript with Guyer confirming Sly employment starting 10/17/11
  9. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Gotta remember ABCNews is spoon fed by ESPN for sports news. ABC was sensationalist and damning of Brady from the gun; the Peyton report was denial, clip of Sly saying it went to Ashley, denial, Brady support, Guyer denial, Sly recant, closing with 'spite of all this AJ stands by their report'.
  10. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Seriously, watch the report. Collins encounters Teagarden at Sly's apartment, they all have a talk about G2 and Teagarden gets his reup. Sly had no idea he was dealing with a reporter and was dropping half the Green Bay Packers names as his clients, talking about hooking up Dustin Keller in high...
  11. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Did you watch the report? In the introduction they outline the fraud charges, it wasn't an unknown to them, it was actually a credibility inroad to the 'dark side' they sought to expose. The report did say they confirmed Sly was an internist at Guyer in 2011--doctor of pharmacology, not a hey...
  12. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    The next chapter of this, in comparison to DFG, is how a prepared response from Manning's camp with highest order PR preparation and days notice of the report airing by Al Jazeera can shape the court of public opinion in the face of especially damning allegations and evidence.
  13. I12XU

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Just read the comments on the ESPN story on it, half are "oh sure I get all my sports info from ISIS news".
  14. I12XU

    NFL Week 11 game thread

    Why Denver-Chicago over NYJ-Houston for Boston screens? I'd much rather see the hope filled ex-Patriot laden Texans take on our divisional 'rival'.
  15. I12XU

    CSI Nevermind--Excuses for Why Patriots Opponents Lose

    Its easy really, in 2014 the Pats began calling the coin flip with "heads I win, tails you lose".
  16. I12XU

    Midseason All-Pro List

    Just looking at KR yards won't answer field position... Many of Ghost's returned kicks were from the back of the end zone, so there's 26 yd returns to the 17.
  17. I12XU

    Midseason All-Pro List

    Landry took one to the 50, two others returned to the 22, and one returned to the 30--4 total returns with net positive yards over touchback; 1 return to the 20 for a push; and 7 returns for net negative yards vs touchback.
  18. I12XU

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Isn't this old news? The context site put up the email of the league finally giving the Patriots the correct numbers weeks after first requested and the league putting a gag order on the Patriots barring the release of the numbers.
  19. I12XU

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    The ghost of Ernst Kirchner is a NYC courtroom artist?