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  1. bob burda

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    It wasn’t just that, it’s well documented in Gammo’s book. There was a personality/generational/cultural clash between the two of them. Lee thrived again under Dick Williams who mostly only cared that you adhered to his basic direction and if you could help him win. This points up how Zimmer’s...
  2. bob burda

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    I should have checked the record - it was actually only 43 errors…good for a .899 fielding %. This is also an absurd number of errors. It actually looked worse than that. Even though Scott couldn’t cover any ground any more, he was very nifty with the glove on throws to 1b, and I’m sure he...
  3. bob burda

    Stars that faded away...

    Even back then most of the guys with big save totals were high K guys. The advanced metrics today would be interesting on him, since in addition to not walking anybody (or ever giving you the bomb - .5 per game for his career) the eye test said he got weak contact all the time, and I mean like...
  4. bob burda

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    A bunch of guys tied for 2nd for me, but you have it right; Zimmer first and always. I should not have enjoyed Pedro grabbing him by the head and knocking his ass to the ground...but I did (though I did want Zim to get up and not be dead/broken). As a sports fan, my two great disappointments are...
  5. bob burda

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    Carpenter looking crispy.
  6. bob burda

    Stars that faded away...

    My post #34 in the thread had him, but these further details help make the case. It’s one thing to be a Fidrych-type guy who flashes and is gone (or maybe had a fluke year at the start of a career) but it’s more remarkable to have a sustained run of excellence that just dives and craters to...
  7. bob burda

    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Costas is talking about the good fortune of Ramirez not catching that liner to turn two, but the guy on 2nd was a dead duck otherwise. Not coming up with it made it harder, not easier.
  8. bob burda

    Week 6 Gamethread

    Josh Allen is a sports hero. There aren't that many who really are this, and he is.
  9. bob burda

    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Yanks led the league in defensive efficiency - so yeah, very lucky.
  10. bob burda

    Mariners vs. Astros ALDS Thread

    3 hrs in 26 IP at home, decent K/BB ratio - it's not like he's got nothin', and I think he just showed that. He can take the next inning if they need it.
  11. bob burda

    Mariners vs. Astros ALDS Thread

    Bregman got the '04 Gary Sheffield treatment - no fastballs for you.
  12. bob burda

    Mariners vs. Astros ALDS Thread

    If I'm not mistaken, the mantra goes "never intentionally put the winning run on base." I'm not saying it bears out in a study, but that is an old time baseball adage. You do occasionally see it violated, though. I also agree with earlier posters that Manny/KRod was probably as much of a...
  13. bob burda

    SEA @ TOR Gamethread

    Not an Astros fan, but to the extent this makes YED more likely, then I'd have to be for it. The lost advantage is there are now fewer teams in the tournament that I think can beat the MFYs. Go Guardians!
  14. bob burda

    The Brady (Anderson) Bunch

    Jim Hickman, Cubs 1970 - .419/.582/1.001 slash line and an OPS+ of 155 at age 33. It is what Bill James called a fluke "Hall of Fame" season (in the old days, 30HR/100RBI/.300BA). He was pretty good for another couple of years, but not like this. In the same year, Cito Gaston put up a...
  15. bob burda

    Stars that faded away...

    Frank Tanana went from being a dominant 9+Ks per 9 innings,130-150 ERA+ guy for 3 years until age 23, to being a league average innings eater and junkballer (a quotable guy, he called his fastball "my '79 Blazer" in those later years). He hurt his arm after averaging about 250 IP from ages 20 to...
  16. bob burda

    Stars that faded away...

    Carlton was just old. I don't know what was more foolish, him trying to pitch after he couldn't get anybody out, or multiple teams giving him the opportunity to demonstrate that. He was finally "out of the league" when no one else wanted to see it. My nominee is Black Jack McDowell - had about...
  17. bob burda

    Jam Kazam (media) PC

    I've been using Jamulus for the last two years, for playing classical music (often quite complex - string quartets/quintets/sextets). I had a regular weekly night during the worst of Covid for this, and we'd play for 2-2/12 hrs. About 2-4 of us liked it so much we kept with it, and we play maybe...
  18. bob burda

    How do you feel about the past 20 years of John Henry and Tom Werner owning the team?

    I also would acknowledge the mistakes that others have noted, but under this ownership I've seen: - 4 world titles, - 7 ALCS appearances - a 100+W season (with a dominant playoff and world series performance tacked onto it) - beating the MFY's in 7 after being down 0-3; beating them in a best...
  19. bob burda

    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    Bright Shiners: Vida Blue, 1976: 18-13 2.35 ERA, 298 IP, 166K, 63BB, 1.109 WHIP, 7.6 BBRef WAR (led the league with a 2.56 FIP) Frank Tanana 1976 19-10 2.43 ERA, 288 IP, 261K, 73BB, .998 WHIP, 7.5 BBRef WAR (2nd best WAR year, best FIP year) ...either one is.better than Guidry's 2nd best...
  20. bob burda

    Week 14 NFL Game Thread

    Josh Allen is a hero who deserves better than McDermott.