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  1. Johnny Fashion

    4/1 - Baltimore @ Boston - APRIL FOOLS

    I don’t know, if the light thing is just for walkoffs I don’t mind it too much. It won’t be, of course.
  2. Johnny Fashion

    John Madden has passed away

    Hear me out...Andy Richter?
  3. Johnny Fashion

    CFB 2022 Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK

    Hey I went to the LSU-A&M game, can someone tell me if the Tigers looked as shitty on TV as they did in front of me
  4. Johnny Fashion

    Judge’s March To 62 Homers

    Yanks are sitting Judge today, so I like those odds.
  5. Johnny Fashion

    Mazz on NESN

    A dense Masserotti named Tony Goes on NESN to spout his baloney Every broadcasting choice Makes even the voice Of Will Flemming sound Castiglione-y
  6. Johnny Fashion

    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    Oh I know, I was just way too proud of my shitty ghost-runners joke.
  7. Johnny Fashion

    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    No MG's in the HoF, I'll just take Moonlight Graham and a bunch of other ghost runners
  8. Johnny Fashion

    Quick Super Bowl poll!

    LSU household here, therefore a Burrow household. It's nice having a non-Pats QB to actively root on. That said, Joe is likely to be pounded into oblivion :confused:
  9. Johnny Fashion

    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Papi's night tonight. I'll leave it for later to complain about the single greatest hitter I've ever seen lose his HoF eligibility. (Yes, it's A.J. Pierzynski)
  10. Johnny Fashion

    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Why is this post not being universally applauded
  11. Johnny Fashion

    Best Final Season

    Thanks for reminding me of the "Did you catch that?" moment.
  12. Johnny Fashion

    "Not Out of This House, You Don't": The "Antique Gear" Thread

    I saw this Reddit thread today. It got me thinking that some (most?) of the crew here must have some extremely aged Sox gear that is still regularly worn instead of displayed on a shelf or in a glass case. Here's my example, next to a newer comparison: The relic survives, but it is strongly...
  13. Johnny Fashion

    How much have you watched so far?

    Kein, nichts, none. Listened to Opening Day and a bit of the remainder of the Baltimore series on SiriusXM. Sounds like the perfect season to spend more time on my hobbies.
  14. Johnny Fashion

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Are you shitting me? Even Skins fans don't watch the games anymore.
  15. Johnny Fashion

    College Football - General Discussion

    UMaine is in the FCS semifinals for apparently the first time ever. Go Black Bears.
  16. Johnny Fashion

    Aaron Hernandez: Had Advanced CTE - NEP Sued

    Slippery floor. Harder to support yourself with your feet.
  17. Johnny Fashion

    Celebrating what is

    Watch it once for Julian. Watch it multiple times starting at 13:12 for the block that Michael Floyd throws to spring JE free.
  18. Johnny Fashion

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    This is a fantastic piece. Y'know how Dan writes a good thing once a year? This is it.
  19. Johnny Fashion

    Downeast and Bound

    Downeast and Bound