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  1. Rudi Fingers

    4G Android phone megathread

    They're fantastic phones. Buy with confidence. The Pixel 7a (which, unlike the 7, I have not used) just came out last week, and is a *very* similar phone, so it isn't too surprising to see discounting on the 7's.
  2. Rudi Fingers

    iPad Pro USB-C Port Replacement

    If you have (or have access to try, say in an Apple Store) an Apple Magic Keyboard for your model of iPad Pro, you may be able to use the USB-C port on the Magic Keyboard (on the left side, in the circle-shaped hinge) to charge your iPad Pro without having to fix your broken USB-C port on the...
  3. Rudi Fingers

    Toucher and Rich

    Maybe some Australian visitors during Marathon weekend?
  4. Rudi Fingers

    My 40 year old HP 12 C passed away this week

    I'm still using my HP17BII in RPN mode - I purchased it in the '90s specifically because it had RPN mode. My first introduction to programming was from a quirky math teacher (redundant, I know) in high school who had no computers, a bucketful of HP calculators, and taught us how to program...
  5. Rudi Fingers

    Downgrading to an unsigned IOS version

    The risk is in the unsigned iOS version itself. As it is not codesigned by Apple, it could contain modifications or malware. And the third party software one would be using to install the unsigned iOS version could do that kind of code injection into the operating system. Sure, older versions...
  6. Rudi Fingers

    Downgrading to an unsigned IOS version

    Downgrading to an unsigned version isn’t supported by Apple and isn’t smart from a security perspective. How often do you use the app, and does it need to be on your phone? What version does your app stop working at? Buying, say, a refurb iPad mini 4 for under $200 may do the trick. The mini 4...
  7. Rudi Fingers

    Portable Monitor(s) for Laptop

    One can also use an Android tablet or iPad as a second screen for Windows laptops with software like Spacedesk ( ) running on both devices. Also, higher end Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets (S7 and S8) can be used out of the box as second screens for Windows laptops - see...
  8. Rudi Fingers

    Tim McCarver has passed away

    Very well said, and seemed like a really nice guy. My main memory of Tim McCarver is still the 2004 ALCS, well past the peak, when he was saying things like "Mt. Everest erupts again!" after Big Papi homers ;)
  9. Rudi Fingers

    RIP Rocco

    Fitting that the original Rocco Graziosa was best known for an incident with a Big 3 (yeah, I know Wells was 33 for the Yankees, but that works too) I really enjoyed lurking in the Port Cellar during the run of the Big 3, and Rocco was a huge reason why. RIP
  10. Rudi Fingers

    Sox considering bumping up game times

    I went to a 6pm NL West game this year and couldn’t stop thinking about how nice the earlier start time would be at Fenway, especially for early and late season games in cooler weather. As sodenj was saying, the main detriment would be for people who work in standard “8:30 to 5:30” jobs who go...
  11. Rudi Fingers

    Home Laptop Recommendations

    Your thought process is on the right track, but if you still love the Surface form factor, there are new Surfaces due next month (Oct 12 announcement). Do you use the touchscreen or tablet mode much on your Surface? Are you a fan of the kickstand? Do you prefer Windows 11? If any answer is...
  12. Rudi Fingers

    Apple Laptop Help

    The M1/M2 Macs are, at this moment, the very best laptops made for both performance *and* value. By the way, NortheasternPJ's recommendation for refurb M1 MBA's from Apple's refurb site for $849 each is matched (or beaten) at the moment by $849 each for a new M1 MBA at Costco. (that said...
  13. Rudi Fingers

    Apple Laptop Help

    If the school is really expecting work to be done in iPads, you may want to consider just getting a way better keyboard and mouse for them to use with the iPad. Any iPad with a good quality bluetooth keyboard and mouse (like Apple's own wireless keyboard and mouse) is an excellent writing tool...
  14. Rudi Fingers

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    If one only reads one thing by Joe Posnanski - it should be "The Soul of Baseball". It's outstanding.
  15. Rudi Fingers

    Brockton Rox 2022

    Does Sam Horn have any sons? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Rudi Fingers

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    The return of MagSafe and improved webcam/microphone are easy predictions that came true.. but they are *my* easy predictions :) The notch fits in the center of the Mac menubar, which is mostly wasted space. It's more than a design bone - it shrinks the bezels and allows for more real-world...
  17. Rudi Fingers

    iPhone 13

    Same for me - arrived today :) @IpswichSox - if you are using your phone with a mask a lot, you can't beat the ability to unlock with an Apple Watch. Even the base Series 3 watch (the $199 one) will do the trick of unlocking your iPhone 12 (or any FaceID phone) while wearing a mask. Extra...
  18. Rudi Fingers

    The Babe in color.

    Both the Phillies and Braves, like many teams at the time, were wearing jersey numbers with the MacAuliffe font (used only by the Red Sox nowadays).
  19. Rudi Fingers

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    He pitched 7 games with the 2008 Red Sox. I saw Big Sexy pitch in person in 2008, but not for Boston. It was opening night for the PawSox.
  20. Rudi Fingers

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    The second time around he actually got to play