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    When to get excited?

    Before game 4 in 2004, I emailed a friend, "It seems that there is a game scheduled for the Red Sox today, might as well go ahead and try to win it." Of course, I sent the same email each day for the next eight games. It seems that there is a game scheduled for the Celtics tomorrow, might as...
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    2023 A's: Worst MLB Team Ever?

    The 1899 Cleveland Spiders were in the single "big league" the National League of 12 teams. Their owners also owned another NL team, an arrangement called syndicate ownership. The owners traded all the good Spiders to themselves, and left the rotting carcass behind. After June or so, they...
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    2023 Starting Rotation

    Well, we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it.
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    Bill James for the Baseball HOF

    Kirby Higbe.  Wrote "The High Hard One."
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    Bill James for the Baseball HOF

    I want it, too.     Bill James did more to enhance my understanding of baseball than any human being.  His abstracts, while in retrospect obviously tentative first steps toward an analytic understanding of the game, were amazing to me, and I read them with great anticipation.  James was the...
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    Ortiz. toast?

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    Unusual plays

    Saw this happen just last week at Sea Dogs Game in Portland.  A pitch was chopped into foul territory down the first baseline, hit six or eight feet foul.  Batter stopped running, and it bounced back into fair territory spinning like crazy.  Easy out at first.  
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    Bean visiting MLB Teams

    It's not Christians as such who have trouble accepting LGBTQ folks, but rather Christian fundamentalists.  There are Christians, I'm one, who don't read the Bible literally.  I don't believe the world was created in 6 days, and I don't think that homosexuality is inherently sinful.  I don't want...
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    Baseball’s Fight With Fatigue

    I'm sure that all of this is a factor, especially the travel.  But there's simple math here too.  A baseball season is 26 weeks, give or take.  In 26 weeks, the average American worker gets 52 days off, just with weekends.  We also earn vacation days, personal days and sick days.  Now I know...
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    Teams might bid on All-Star Game starting in 2017

    This time, it counts!     Is this a serious proposal?  If so, they're now making home field advantage in the World Series contingent on the outcome of a game whose home field is determined by the standings of exhibition games. 
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    Bill Monbouquette has died

    Loved him and Yaz and Rico as a kid.  All those exotic sounding last names helped make me a Sox fan growing up in Colorado, 800 miles from the nearest big league team.  Learned about his human kindness later.  Good man.  Will be missed.
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    the 2004 ALCS, ten years later

    I remember reading that thread, weeping with the power of so many of the stories, so many of the relationships.  When the umps assembled twice in game 6 (the Bellhorn HR and the Slappy play) and they reversed them both and got them right: that was the moment that I knew that the Sox were going...
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    The Great Carl Yastrzemski

    The Red Sox signed Yaz on the day I was born, November 29, 1958.  But I was growing up in Colorado, where the nearest MLB team was the woebegone Kansas City A's.  Baseball to me was the Boulder Collegians, a semi-pro outfit, the box scores and the game of the week on NBC.  I remember the summer...
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    Panda thumb wrestling

    The Panda could benefit from all kinds of plate discipline...
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    Thank You Cuzittt!

    My thanks are more than an echo!  Well done good and faithful servant.
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    Second Guesser's Club - Anyone watching?

    My name is Homar and I'm still watching.  But the metaphor is a bit skewed- watching the Red Sox play baseball is not an affliction to recover from, but a grand and glorious pleasure to be delighted in.  There's only one step: keep watching.  
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    Revenue Sharing: NFL wants SB half-time performers to share the pot.

    I'm just wondering if there is even a theoretical limit to the greed of this league.  I suppose I should not be surprised: they bilk taxpayers for their playpens, and throw their brain-injured employees under the bus for pennies on the dollar, and compared to these outrages, this is is nothing...
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    Most Ridiculous Pretension to an Unwritten Rule Ever?

    He had an SLG heavy OPS of .952 playing French Foreign Legion ball in the late 800s.  Not patient at the plate, never walked if he could ride.  But power?  My goodness the man had power!
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    Most Ridiculous Pretension to an Unwritten Rule Ever?

    Wee Willie Keeler figured out in the 1890s that good things happen when you "hit 'em where they ain't."  Bunting against the shift is no more than this.  It was good baseball in 1894, and it's good baseball twelve centuries later.