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  1. Gdiguy

    Not Being a Joker, We Need A The Finals Thread

    Following on gamecast while putting kids to bed, and I’ll admit I’m tired enough this is hurting my head
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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    unless we have very different definitions of ‘condo’, i can’t imagine how the financial costs of buying one makes a lick of difference to someone making $40M a year
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    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Because people have taken the truth in 'the playoffs are different from the regular season' and gone so overboard into 'the regular season doesn't matter' that the #1 seed is actually under-rated now
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    2023 NBA Playoffs

    How many has he had in the past? Quick googling headlines suggests at least 3? He might be particularly sensitive at this point
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    March/April MLB game thread

    I saw that; the part that I find really interesting there is that MLB appears to have immediately thrown New Era under the bus, which makes me think MLB agrees that it's a stupid request but feels like they contractually have to do it
  6. Gdiguy

    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    Does it matter though? That’s where the financials of sports networks is so weird here - like even if you built a 15,000 seat stadium in Brooklyn, it seems like the TV deal that team could get would still put them among the top half of teams in terms of revenue
  7. Gdiguy

    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    NY could definitely support another team and if it existed it would succeed, but the thing about NY that's bad for that usage is that no-one in NY is clamoring for a third MLB team You can argue about whether Vegas was good from that perspective either, but for all of those there are baseball...
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    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    .. really? I guess maybe if you count people from suburbs / towns an hour away, but 400k visitors due to a baseball team seems... aggressive
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    March/April MLB game thread

    *17 (though the last one was with a position player pitching, so does that count for depression purposes? I dunno)
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    March/April MLB game thread

    The Mets scored 4 runs on bases loaded walks plus another on a bases loaded HBP; I wonder what the record is for 'RBIs off of walks in a game' Hogan Harris had a spectacular line of 0.1 IP , 1 H, 5 BB, 6R, 6ER (162 ERA)
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    March/April MLB game thread

    Nope, the old kind (2nd inning was BB, BB, BB, BB, BB, grand slam; 5th inning was BB, BB, BB, HBP, BB, 3RBI double, BB, HBP, RBI ground out)
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    March/April MLB News

    Since the games are now moving quicker, many teams have apparently reacted by... extending beer sales into the 8th inning
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    Mavs give up

    This is why you can’t have a joking attitude towards ‘the process’ - either tanking is ok or it’s not, once you get into subtle arguments about ‘well, it’s ok for one team to run a d-league quality team out for 3 weeks but it’s not ok for this other team to pull starters in the last game’ you’ve...
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    Steep Couloirs and Flatspin 360s - Skiing and Boarding 22-23

    Saw somewhere this morning (fake edit that some of the Lake Tahoe resorts are already saying they’ll be open though July and maybe August
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    2023 Jets: Rodgers wants to fly like a Jet

    I'm not even in the same county as a cap expert, but - if GB is going to be awful this year due to losing their QB, WR, etc (as noted above), wouldn't they rather have cap hits this season rather than next? If you're going to suck, shedding some salary this year to suck even more seems better...
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    Thoughts About Running Up The Score (Youth Baseball)

    This stuff pisses me off so much that I'm kind of like @j-man , I struggle to not turn spiteful in response (I don't get it, it's not even fun either; kids aren't stupid, if you're up 10-0 in the first inning it's not like it's an achievement to score on a passed ball, is a $3 plastic trophy...
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    Former Patriot Willie McGinest arrested in Los Angeles

    I mean, when your own press release refers to you as ‘NFL Great’ it’s not really projecting ‘humble and apologetic’ to me
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    Beat The Clock

    I still don't totally know how I feel here - because I almost think that my ideal situation is that it's enforced equally all times except if it's the 7th inning or later and the tying run is at bat, at which point enforcement is dropped completely Because that's kind of what I think would be...
  19. Gdiguy

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    my wife asked the same question
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    NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    ESPN says 'The NBA could punish Portland with a fine and loss of draft picks if an investigation were to discover "a failure to disclose relevant information" on Payton's abdominal injury that required offseason surgery and had him miss the first 35 games of the season.', maybe the Warriors are...