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  1. geigercount

    Bill Belichick Quotathon

    Just think this is Bill's dry sense of humor like his being abreast of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime show
  2. geigercount

    bill b first win as NE head coach

    As part of the local radio coverage for this game one of the commentators opined that after Belichick's inevitable firing in New England he'd make a good Broncos' Defensive Coordinator. So I guess he has that going for him.
  3. geigercount

    The Game Goat Thread: Week 15 at Pittsburgh

    I think 3 flags were thrown immediately on the Haden PI - perhaps it's not obvious but multiple refs saw it that way. The Jones penalty seemed to be a case where the crowd and the receiver convinced the ref who was good distance from the play.
  4. geigercount

    Gordons Production

    There was a clear illegal contact on that play that wasn't called. Gordon was grabbed, doubled and still made the catch look easy. With his size, strength and ball awareness - what a weapon he can be.
  5. geigercount

    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    Bradley isn't the only Celtic guard, who's a free agent after next season. Thomas is too. Keeping Fultz gives you options in case you don't want to max out your 5'9" point guard. Fultz could have an understudy/learning season before stepping into more of a lead role, the following year.
  6. geigercount

    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    Belichick has said many times - there's no QB I'd rather have.
  7. geigercount

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Agreed - there were members of the media talking that the Pats should forfeit their trip to the Super Bowl, before the Pats said anything. 
  8. geigercount

    Completely legal substitution aka the "John Harbaugh is a whiny little brat" thread.

      According to Bill Vinovich it's legal:   "“It obviously caught me off guard,” Vinovich said. “I’m not gonna say what the Ravens should or shouldn’t have done. I mean, the easiest thing [for them] to do would have been to call timeout and let them match up. Basically it was just a brilliant...
  9. geigercount

    Rooting for the Pats or Against Your Nana? One Jets Fan's Journey + Pat Fan Testimonials

    In the sixties prior to the merger it was easy to be a fan of the Pats and a NFL team such as the Giants. After the merger things changed. By the time I got to UMass in the 70's the Pats were clearly the team among the local kids. We may have been cynical Pats fans who thought the franchise was...
  10. geigercount

    The AFC Playoff Picture (formerly Ranking the AFC)

    The loss to Oakland is a killer for KC. It keeps Denver in first within the division even if the Broncos lose today. Rooting big time for the Chiefs.
  11. geigercount

    Revis the Patriot: Countdown to March 10th

    Talib got beat on a bomb for a TD to Ricardo Lockette. They all get beat if the QB makes a great throw.