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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    Fact. This core has a problem. And instead of getting better or learning. They repeat their same mistakes. I am firmly in the pick one, blow it up phase because as much as I want this core to win - they will not.
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    5/24 The Question Was Asked

    Everyone still think this is more than a 78 win team?
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    Winning At Home is Possible on May 19, 2023

    I will stand by my swept comment that I made after game 1. CJM is not ready to be here but 2. This team doesn't know how to win. They have had the talent to win before, and they just do not seem to have that "intangible it" (throw stones at me now). They are do not trust each other; they do not...
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    Game 1: Come Tomorrow, Wake Up Anew, See the Sun.

    They could easily get swept here. They have a large coaching gap and a proven inability to protect the ball or leads. The Heat are the antithesis of all that. They are getting great matchups, good looks and are well disciplined.
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    It's the quarter mark. Where are we at?

    Not much has changed for me. It's a deeply flawed team that will have some hot streaks but will regress to the expected 75 win projection.
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    Fix 2023 By Trade

    It isn't a case of Chicken Littles (except in the case of any of the commenters who bought in the delusion of optimism prior to the season). This is a very poor team. They cannot pitch and they cannot field. They have numerous blackholes on the roster and the bench is probably the worst I have...
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Exactly. Two things in play here. First they have missed their window on Devers, unless they significantly overpay - he is gone. And he should be. Second, they have succeeded under Chaim becoming even more of a undesirable location. Players want money and stability. The Sox do not participate...
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    Poll: Grade the Masataka Yoshida Signing

    A lot of money on a flier. A lot of money that could be used elsewhere.